Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Gate 1, booked Baltic cruise early in year (2012), way overpriced, airline seats were worst on plane (last row, next to gallies & lav, Airbus 343 seat map lists them as red for poorest on plane, Gate 1 did not give us our seat assignment until two weeks before flight), duration of our return home will be about 23 hours, Gate 1 package included no guides or toiurs ( just a boat ticket), we had to do that on our own. Gate 1 rep won't answer phone or return calls.

We have had to do our own dealing with the airline (SAS) and their website is next to worthless. We have not taken the trip yet so do not have high expectations.

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Yadkinville, North Carolina, United States #598972

If it was overpriced, why did you book with them?? I book Gate 1 two times every year, but did NOT use them for our Baltics cruise, as got better deal with cruise company or cruise specialist, don;t remember which.

Did you expect some special optionals or guide not promised by Gate 1? Why would you? Gate 1 gave you exactly what you contracted for.

You possibly could have changed your seat online before getting to the plane, independent of Gate 1. Anyway, someone has to sit in the back row - might as well be a *** complainer like you.

to frequentraveler Mocksville, North Carolina, United States #779664

Love it, frequentraveler!!!!

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