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I've used Gate 1 Travel for my trips to Turkey and Morocco. I planned on using them again for my trip to Ecuador but my flight was canceled due to Hurricane Irene.

Now customer service is not taking my calls and they aren't giving me a refund or allowing me to reschedule for a future date. Similar to what other travelers said about them, they are more than happy to take your money, but won't help you when something goes wrong. The travel agent told me that I should have gotten travel insurance, but the one from Gate 1 Travel only covers illness and loss of baggage, not weather! And don't pay the balance by check even if they give you a discount because you won't be protected by your credit card (I definitely learned my lesson!).

I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. They are *** artists!

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My bet is that those with issues relating to air travel decided to save money by booking their own air travel rather than taking te air included option. If air is included and weather causes a flight to be cancelled, the tour vendor is responsible for making things right. If you book the air then you are responsible.


It's troubling to see issues like this! This is one of those situations where a Travel company has to *** the bullet and pay its customers back for a trip they never took or at least provide them the ability reschedule their trip for a later date.


Buy travel insurance.

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