Maryland Heights, Missouri
Not resolved

1) 2 people booked trip - 1 IN California, 1 in PA. Gate 1 refused to send info to both of us unless we understood that this might cause us to be booked separately & that we might not end up together.

It was ridiculous, made no sense & forced CA person - who did 1st booking, to send all info to PA since Gate 1 would not. Since Gate 1 is HQd about 30 minutes from PA person, this made it even more aggravating.

2) guides in Equador were terrible - told us the main Cathedral was under renovation and was closed so we didn't go - found out too late that it was opened so we didn't see it. That left the guide free for the day & us on our own.

Guide recommended a place for dinner - not in a safe neighborhood and didn't make any arrangements for us to get there. Luckily, a male friend was concerned and showed up toward the end of dinner to walk us back to the very mediocre hotel.

Would never use this travel agency again.

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