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We took the 15-day Kaleidoscope tour of Spain; more appropriately entitled “the Horrorscope tour of Spain.” Gate 1 placed us in the Melia Galgos Hotel in Madrid. The tour Director informed us prior to arrival that, “this hotel is in need of remodeling, the rooms are small, the service in not good since they do not care if we book with them or not!” Gate 1 should have been aware of this as well [they use this property regularly.] The plumbing was not up to any reasonable code since the shower runs hot and cold from 30 degrees to 140 degrees without notice because there is not a regulator in the system to keep the temperature constant.

Furthermore, there was no sign warning me of their defective plumbing. Consequently, I got third degree burns on my back but fortunately I was able to clear the extra high bathtub with out breaking my neck to get out which I cannot expect old or out of shape individuals would be able to do. The mattress sagged which aggravated my back and I had to call four times for service. Gate 1 refused to contact the Buildings Dept.

for an inspection as a follow up which brings me to the conclusion they have no concern for their present of future clients. Instead, they take the word of the hotel that the “plumbing regulator works!” The Hotel Melia Bilbao in Bilbao did not change the sheets the next day as they told me “they are too busy.” For complaining my door card was cancelled when I returned requiring me to make a trip downstairs to get another room card [that’s the punishment for complaining.] The breakfast was poorly presented since the eggs that were cooked hours before were cold. So much for their five star hotel as advertised. On day six I arrived at the Abba Granada Hotel.

I found the TV set on a low volume [14] that could not be heard. I requested the clerk to have the volume programmed to a higher volume, which she refused to have done when the maid called her. She informed me in person “the tech. is out of the building,” [he will fix it in 15 minutes when he comes back] and “so is the Manager.” I left the TV on and when I came back to my room nobody came to fix the TV.

As a result I had no TV. The dinner was another poor presentation I received a dried out, hard chicken breast which contributed to my starvation diet I was provided throughout the tour. Coffee carafes were not out when breakfast was served and I had to ask the server three times to bring out the coffee. During that time there were 20 people standing on line to use one automated coffee machine, which works slow.

This hotel is their illustrious four-star property as advertised on Gate 1’s site stated as having “standard amenities for a comfortable stay.” Gate 1 refused to compensate me to settle the matter. Instead, I was threatened with a lawsuit if I state anything they do not like about them to the media. Gate 1 informed the Better Business that I should read the contract “to reference the Gate 1 Terms which describes in detail our level of responsibility with regard to third party service providers e.g. hotels.” Gate 1 talks thru two sides of their mouth: they advertise amenities on their site and then stick it to you with their contract.

This company is rogue and is less expensive compared to the competition and they treat you accordingly as compared to the higher priced tour operators that stand behind their product. You get what you pay for and if you have complaints against Gate 1. Remember this company takes no responsibility for the vendors they contract with.

As previously stated Gate 1 will tell you to read the “Gate 1 Terms which describes in detail our level of responsibility with regard to third party service providers e.g. hotels.” Obviously Gate 1’s web site advertising is misleading and Gate 1 does not stand behind it.

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Complaints like a low volume TV or cold eggs doesn't warrant compensation but it's definitely your choice to take your business elsewhere next time. Like the other reviewer said, you will be hospitalized if you had third degree burns, & if that was the case, seems like you would've likely hired a lawyer to sue already instead of just reporting them to BBB.

maybe Gate1 will take your comments more seriously if you didn't threaten them for compensation, what do you want? A free trip?


If you had 3rd degree burns you would have been hospitalized and not been able to complete the trip. I like gate 1



Sorry for your bad experience.

We have done a lot of travels using different travel companies. Gate 1 is one of them and we are very happy with Gate 1.

We'll use them again and highly recommend them to friends and relatives.


Gate 1 or ANY other provider cannot be responsible for every detail in every hotel in the world. I have traveled with Gate 1 many times without problem.

As for getting what you pay for, I have seen the high priced tours in the SAME hotel as our Gate 1 tour. Ergo, with the high priced tour you would have had the same problem, just paid more for it.


You obviously have limited experience in traveling or you work for Gate 1. You prefer to advocate for Gate 1’s lack of concern for their clients and their arrogance when they tell the Better Business Bureau “Mr. …… you should read the contract” which is a big cop-out. A reputable company is sensitive to their client’s complaints and makes it right…maybe you should read the long list of complaints on this web site to examine why you are not in the realm of reality. If that does not convince you turn to the Trip Advisor Forum maybe that will convince when you read all those complaints. Gate 1 Travel has an attitude problem and does not give a rats --- about their clients. The high-end companies protect their name recognition and are fair and maintain good relations. Schlock Gate 1 does not! That is a fact and you cannot dispute all the testimonials listed on these two sites.

All consumers need to remember you get what you pay for and that’s how you are treated.

Furthermore, this company believes they control free speech: they will threaten you with a lawsuit if you post. Gate 1 can sue, there recovery is 0 becuase "the truth is the truth!"

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