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The original booking was for two people traveling to Morocco. We wanted to add a friend to the trip and change the reservation to a triple room rate. We called Gate 1 and the travel agent quoted the price for the third person and left a voicemail to the other two, saying that due to the change from a double to a triple, the price is cheaper and expect a $200 refund. With this information, the third person booked.

But, the agent gave us wrong information at the time of booking. It turned out that there was no refund at all and we needed to pay an extra $200 on top of the third person expense. The agent acknowledged the error and apologized but we are still screwed. If the agent provided the full and correct price upfront, the third person would not have agreed to the pricing. Gate 1 will not honor the original quote either.

This has truly been disappointing as I've used Gate 1 for almost a decade and enjoyed their packages to Vietnam, Turkey, Budapest & Prague and many other destinations. Now, we are paying an additional $200 that we never agreed too and this extra cost was not even disclosed until after the flight and deposit money was taken. Credibility is lost when you can't trust the prices being verbally quoted and the company does not do the right thing by trying to rectify the wrongdoing.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Seriously? You have done business with this company for ten years and your only complaint is about $200.00?

You must be awfully picky.

I think you are quite fortunate. Some people go on a cruise, get sick, miss the cruise, and get a voucher FOR THE SAME CRUISE LINE.


As we were concerned by these comments we have reviewed these concerns and contacted the client with a resolution.

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