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I don't know about the other people posting these reviews but a "Great Trip" is the farthest thing from the experience we had with Gate 1 Travel.

We also knew that we were getting an amazing deal to fly to Italy for 8 days but it was the WORST experience of our lives!!!! Every aspect of our trip that was associated with Gate 1 Travel was absolutely AWFUL!!!! This was supposed to be a dream vacation for my son, who has wanted to see Italy since he was 6 and is now almost 17. We purchased out trip in early March and traveled in mid Sept. The flight was fine but upon arrival to Milan where we picked up our rental car we started realizing that Gate 1 had done a "Bait and Switch" for just about every aspect of the trip starting with the rental car and getting worse from there. The rental car was supposed to be a "Fiat or similar" although we ended up with some brand I have never heard or, a wagon of sorts that rumbled and sounded like it was going to die on us every time we drove! The Hotels were the WORST hotels we had EVER stayed and at, and I have stayed in hostels in 3rd world countries like Guatemala that look like the Hilton compared to the San Marco. Literally the WORST hotel ever! The minute I saw our room I was creeped out and went to the front desk to show them the pictures we had seen on Gate 1 and complained that our room was NOTHING like pictured, the hotel was NOTHING like pictured! They said sorry but they were full, not offering accommodations at their sister resort a block away or anything, even though I had booked my trip 6 months earlier! I then went to our room and contacted Gate 1, letting them know how bad our room was. Their response was basically "sorry we book packages and there is nothing we can do for you"! That has been their response, if I get one, every time I have contacted them about this AWFUL trip. We stayed 2 nights to try and make it better and make sure we were not overacting, asking for a few extra pillows to help make the bed a bit more comfortable. When we woke on the 2nd morning after barely sleeping because the bed was so uncomfortable and dirty, my son and I were completely covered in bug bites!!! We got up, showered and left the hotel to go stay elsewhere.

The entire trip associated with Gate 1 was literally the worst experience of mine and my son's life and I am not exaggerating. He had so badly wanted to see Italy and experience everything the country has to offer but thanks to Gate 1 and the worst experience EVER, we will never return to Italy and I will NEVER deal with this company again.

If you are even considering booking with them, I would NOT!!!!

I have traveled all over the world and you can definitely find better ways to travel on your own than through this awful company or you too could end up miserable in a foreign country with absolutely no help from the company who was super helpful when it was time to pay then is absent when you have questions or need help.

DO NOT BOOK WITH GATE 1 and feel free to contact me if you have questions as there is so much more that was bad and that the company failed to provide.

Good Luck

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Gate1travel Cons: This company sucks.

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As an experienced traveler, I always check out hotels on Trip Advisor before confirming a reservation.


Sounds like a whiner to me. I traveled with Gate 1 five times and all I can say is that the service and assistance is nothing but OUTSTANDING.

ALL of my accommodations are 5 stars and all my trips were outstanding. When you travel abroad you cannot expect anything to go your way, so my advise to you is to book your own hotel, book your own rental car and never use Gate 1 again.


Come on? 5 stars at clearance prices?

Gate 1 should stop responding to comments posing as a customer. No legitimate customer would ever describe Gate 1 accommodations as cheap.

However, the hotels are a cheap price. To expect more for what you pay is absolutely stupid.


Nonsense. 5 stars? You must work for Gate1.


Naturally, we are sorry to hear of your disappointment with the services that you booked online. We do our best to provide as much information as possible and encourage clients to research the type of accommodations and services being reserved. It seems that you did receive the appropriate car and that you have been in communication with our customer service department.


I am reading this comment and I am wondering if you liked something on your tour. Everything was aweful, you say.

I think, for sire, you would have the same experience with another company. Such a contribution is not positive for anybody who read it, because you you are not giving a clear idea of what went wrong.


I am not a whiner as one person mentioned and I did mention some of the issues with our trip. I previewed the hotels and the itinerary before the trip was booked, as anyone who has traveled extensively would do.

The hotels were far worse than pictured, the photos were of the 1 nice room and the rest were disgusting, old, stained and had bugs. The photos of the hotel must have been 20+ years old as it was a run down version of the on line photos.

I shared our experience to help others make their choices and pointing out where Gate 1 failed us as a consumer.

Also, maybe Gate 1 will masked better hotel decisions in the future and be more accountable for offering unacceptable accommodations as part of their packages.

If you want more info, like photos of the stained, gross room or the bug bites, or gate 1 emails which prove my point then feel free to contact me for them.