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I have always wanted to go to Turkey and saw a trip on Groupon through Gate 1.

I contacted Gate 1 directly before booking - thank goodness. My husband has peripheral neuropathy and cannot walk for too .long.

I asked about bringing a wheel chair and was informed that not only could we not bring a wheel chair, we could not bring a walker, crutches or a cane - only a fold up cane that could go into abag, is Gate 1 discriminating against handicapped people or does Turkey discriminate?

this certainly does not make for very good feeling towards Turkish travel. What a major disappointment!

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We have been on seven gate one tours and my friend Richsrd uses a cane with gate one with no problems, this year Australia New Zealand an Ayers Rock. 2 years ago South Africa.

These were intense trips walking numerous flights. No problem with a cane Janet Wodland


I have signed up for a trip to Turkey and am looking forward to it. Now I read where canes are not allowed. Is that correct?


Escorted tours do tend to be fast paced and are not suitable for clients with walking issues and traveling with a walker or a wheelchair. Due to the nature of the escorted tours we have a policy that addresses these issues. We do offer independent travel services such as cruises, packages with rail, individual hotel reservation along flights.

We would more then pleased to have our staff review any of these options.