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With each effort on my part they continue to lie in response. This is a horrible company and extremely deceitful.

Hidden clauses and deceptive wording such as "Cancel for Any Reason" coverage. When you pay for something and do not use it a refund should always be possible. This company charges for trip cancellation coverage and then refuses refunds.

They only offer credit for future trips. Why would I want a credit if I am dissatisfied with the company?

Original review posted by user Jun 05, 2018

I had the great misfortune of dealing with this company. I ordered a trip for my wife and I which was recommended by Travel Zoo. We paid over $1700 including over $300 for two cancellation coverage plans. The company pushed a "cancel for any reason" plan which they now call a waiver. They made it sound like insurance but now claim it is not.

In any event, after approximately a month I found that the state department had a warning about travel to the location we had chosen so I cancelled the trip. The cancellation was still 5 months before the trip was scheduled. The company then started the run around. I asked about our "cancel for any reason" coverage but got no answer on that issue. Gate1 said I had to apply to the other insurer for trip cancellation first. This took about a month and was declined. So I again asked about our "cancel for any reason" coverage. The company put me through a number of hoops only to conclude with the statement that I would be given a credit for slightly over $1000 after a deduction of around $400 for making reservations. That means over $700 had been paid for nothing. They sold a plan which provided no protection for me with only a partial credit to be offered. When I asked how they would have handled the credit if I had not purchased the coverage they did not respond. The assumption is that the entire payment would be lost. What protection was provided by the coverage?

Gate1 Travel offers what looks like a scam and provide no refunds for cancellation. I would avoid this company at all cost. If you decide to use their service be sure to examine very closely what they offer. Ask questions and get their response in writing before purchase. I paid for our trip and was then informed of the hidden clauses in the contract. Do not pay until you have read all documents.

I believe this company to be operating a scam and have filed consumer complaints with the Attorney General of Pennsylvania (gate1's location), the better business bureau and others. In each case Gate 1 has told different stories and made what I believe to be false claims.

Consider this a warning against doing business with this company.

This writing in no way explains the entire run around, deceit, and dishonesty of this company.

I have made it my goal to warn everyone I can of their practices. If you have had a bad experience with Gate 1 please help notify the public of their activities contact every consumer protection help available. Help warn others of their practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1Travel Cancel For Any Reason Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Hello,It appears that you purchased the travel package and its associated components online without the aid of Gate 1 staff. You had the option to accept or deny any of the coverage, none of which are compulsory.

We do include the information for our Cancel For Any Reason waiver on our website including that it would be a credit equal to the full cost of your Gate 1 travel arrangements, less the cost of deposit(s), late/amendment fees, and insurance premium.

This was agreed to on your passenger agreement. We regret the misunderstanding.


Your cancel for any reason plan is deceptive, even in writing and definitely over sold by your agents.


Very poor experience as well. My husband was smart though.

Even though we did not purchase travel insurance when things went wrong through no fault of ours, he called credit card company and credit card company gladly refunded us full monies and dealt with Gate1 successfully on our behalf. Don't even deal with Gate1


I agree with you completely! We had a horrible experience with them last year!

Fortunately we purchased our own travel insurance through another company, TravelEx, and while we couldn't get any help through Gate1 when we were stranded on our way to Europe, but the outside company helped us and reimbursed is for all of our expenses. Gate1's customer service for stranded customers was HORRIBLE!

They left us to fend for ourselves dealing with the airlines trying to get to Italy to meet up with the tour, offered no assistance, and even LIED to our daughter who was calling on our behalf to help! Buyer BEWARE!

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