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I think it is extremely dishonest and unethical not to pay your people. They do in general a very good job and deserve to be PAID, not to have to beg for "tips" like a beggar.

Gate 1 in doing this robs their own people of their dignity. It really bothers me to be HIT UP for a very substantial tip and to be made to feel like a monster of cheapness if I and everyone else does not cough up the extra tip at the end. It was NEVER disclosed to me that this was their practice; I might have chosen another tour company or even gone on my own, if I had known that was going to be sprung on me. For example, the last time I went on an organized tour with a tour guide and driver and conductor (i.e.same number of staff serving the tour group), we all chipped in for a gift for the (female) tour guide, a very nice purse make-up kit with lots of colors and ingredients.

There were 50 of us, and we chipped in an average of $1 each for this $50 thank-you gift from the whole group. She was delighted and said it was not expected. By contrast, with Gate 1, our whole group was lectured to about the need to tip and importance of THE TIP, and all were given exact guidelines, spelled out as $100 per PERSON (so for example, a couple traveling together was expected to cough up this additional tip of $200 for the guide PLUS $80 for driver, PLUS $80 for the assistant, costing them an extra $360 over the tour's published cost! By their impassioned pleas it was obvious that no one gets paid more than a pittance by Gate 1.

Their tips are their only pay. That stinks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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If it is true, I am very much surprise. No wonder, my wife always tip the recommended price mention in the brochure.

That's for the tour director, driver, and helper. Most of them work their butt off to make a living.


Tipping spelled out in travel docs and tour prep page. You were not paying attention.


Gate 1 does include this information on our website in the trip preparation as well as in your travel documents. While we provide guidelines for tipping based on industry standards, we also first indicate that tipping is always a matter of personal discretion.


I have been on several Gate 1 tours over the years. My next trip will be in April 2018.

Every trip I have taken, the suggested tipping guidelines for the Tour Director, driver and assistant have been clearly stated in the travel documents. So I don't understand why this would have been a surprise for the tour participants. Most of the time I have given the suggested tip and planned in advance accordingly. There was one trip (Ecuador) that I tipped less,due to the poor attitude towards me by the Tour Director and driver.

On one trip (Europe), I did not tip the Tour Director anything, due to him berating me in front of the group, when I forgot to have my passport available for a border crossing (Slovakia) If the Tour Director, etc exceeded my expectations I have given more than the suggestion. I never tip for days of air travel and if, the entire day is on our own.

Obviously, if someone is not "happy" with the amount of tip I have given, my rule has been "I'll keep it then". But I have never been surprised, at the end of the trip,with the amount of a standard tip for these employees.


they are not the only company who suggests tipping. we have travelled w/ Globus, CEI & all the major cruise lines - they all follow suit. I'm not agreeing w/ this practice but Gate 1 is not the only company that expects gratuity


So far, I've been to almost 8 Gate 1 tours and just about every tour director, I had were wonderful and helpful. I gave the suggested amount of required tips, for the tour director, driver and helper.