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Gate will take your money easily enough but will provide no support at all when thing do go as expected. Months later we have received four more charges against our credit cards.

Gate1 claims that their vendor - yes, their vendor - Maggiore Car Rental has nothing to do with them. We have been in contact with Gate1 for months and now will be contacting the Attorney General since we now know that we are really dealing with a disreputable company.

Additionally, they have vendors that make false statements in an effort to collect monies for damages that do not exist. That is fraud.


Product or Service Mentioned: Maggiore Car Rental.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: I want Gate1 take responsibility for the harassment we are experiencing at the hands of their partner - Maggiore..

Gate1travel Cons: Partner with disreputable companies, Take your money and provide no support.

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We just returned from a Gate 1 tour of Thailand and had an issue with the front desk people at the La Meridian in Bangkok.They would ask where you were going and have one of their staff drive you there for triple the taxi cost. They pressured you to shop in their recommended stores and then want to know what you bought and the price paid.

This happened twice and I demanded a metered taxi after that.

This had a negative effect on our trip but did not reflect on Gate 1 as a supplier. I have asked Gate 1 to review this hotel's policies and change hotels in Bangkok.


While we always do our best to advocate on our clients behalf with our suppliers, we are not able to control every decision that they make. When the supplier feels they have a valid claim, regrettably we are not always successful in finding a satisfactory resolution.

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