I saw your Garden of Life TV commercial 2 afternoons ago, about pooping and women. I was thoroughly shocked at how tasteless and disgusting it was.

I couldn't believe it. Nothing is private or sacred anymore, no filters on what's acceptable and what isn't or shouldn't be. No wonder the kids and very young adults act and think like they do. Like I said, it was on in the AFTERNOON, when kids see TV.

All friends I told about this were appalled. Then, today, I see a somewhat edited/censored version of the same commercial. It wasn't much better, but at least *** and pooping weren't actually continually said, like in the original. This commercial needs to be redone completely, in a much more tasteful and way less disgusting way of advertising.

I, for one, will not be buying your products. The friends I told about your commercial will not be buying your products, either. I hope you will wake up and remember there are still morals, good taste, family values, and things better left not being said in many situations. Children don't need to see/hear this and think it's acceptable.

Hopefully, you'll redo this entire commercial with a lot more taste, remembering just because it is a body function, it doesn't need to be discussed or heard by the masses. You can find as much better way to advertise your products.


Jacki Wilson

User's recommendation: Would not recommend this company since it's product promotion is inappropriate and disrespectful to family values. Appalling.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

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I agree! The first time we saw this commercial my husband and I literally paused it and just sat there looking at each other in utter disbelief.

We replayed it and I became so angry that this filth was actually on my tv. It just seems that all morality and decency is a thing of the past in this country…the anything-goes attitude has taken over and it stinks.


I agree 100% about the disgusting ad that Garden of Life is running. I was a customer of their probiotic.

After seeing how they feel the need to degrade women, I’ll never use their products again. My family and friends agree with me. They find degrading women is despicable. Good luck Garden of Life.

I’m betting you’ve lost thousands of customers. You must be a bunch of so called radical liberals who no longer think anything is sacred.

What’s happening in the “woke”world of advertising is going to backfire on all of you. There are millions of us who still hold respect in high regard.


This is the most disgusting commercial I have ever seen!! I would NEVER buy this product because of this gross disgusting ad!!!!


I agree. What a horrible commercial.

This had to be put together by a man that likes to degrade women. If they think this will get women to buy this product they are sadly mistaken.

I have talked to friends that have seen this and all agree , this commercial is offending, degrading, and needs to stop. And, the women who are in the commercial should be ashamed for taking part in such a horrible disgusting thing.

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