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I cant download anything in glyph give me a english speaking human to talk to because these games are my childhood and i refuse to leave them behind. I open the client, I click on archeage to install it and it gives me a prompt with the options: download, accept, and decline.

It wants me to accept a privacy policy which I would be glad to do if only the damn button wasnt grayed out and unclickable. I can only click download and decline. When I click download it opens a website containing a *** ton of reading and privacy policy stuff.

Most people dont read that because they dont really care and just wanna play the game so I'm not sure what you want me to do here. I just want to install my childhood into my new gaming PC with a brand new graphics card and other stuff that costed me over 1,000 dollars

User's recommendation: Idk the games are fun but this *** is annoying as *** idk what to do I refuse to read all that *** I just wanna game.

Preferred solution: Information on how to get the nuclear codes to play my rpg games.

Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania

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