Hello everyone,

I'd like to share my experiences with G&R Tactical as well, and it was not a good one.

On the 26th February, 2016, I ordered a Sig Legion 229 from them. Now this is not a cheap pistol. I placed the order through GunBroker, and it was supposed to be brand new, and shipped via 2 day air. After I won the bid, I called to give them my credit card information. I informed them that my FFL is open Wednesday through Saturday's, so it was really imperative that the gun get out on time. I was leaving for a work trip for 2 days, March 8th and 9th, and on the 10th, leaving to Dubai for 10 days on holiday.

On Tuesday 1st March, my card had still not been charged and no shipment. I called them again, explaining the fact that I will be travelling in the next week, and the opening times of my FFL. They charged my card, but shipped the gun UPS Ground. (Their ad stated 2nd day air, which is what they charged me for). I called Grant again, and let him know that ground will make the delivery of the pistol on Monday 7th. My FFL is not OPEN on the 7th! This would make the earliest pickup on the 9th, which I'm away. They offered to call UPS to upgrade the shipping.

At this time, I contacted UPS just because I needed to know what to do. They could not upgrade until the package went BACK to the shipper, then they may reship. I asked Grant to send out a replacement, but he didn't want to do so. On Thursday 3rd March, I called again to find out what they were going to do about me having the gun before I leave, and they chose not to respond.

At this time, I sent two emails to G&R to cancel my order. I also contacted GunBroker customer service stating that I would like to cancel the order based on seller's failure to come through. I tried to call G&R 5 times, no answer. There was no answer to my email as well. G&R replied that they will prompt the seller to issue a refund, and we would be done. I went to Osage County Guns, a dealer I have dealt with quite a few times. Osage KNOWS customer service well, and was able to get a Sig Legion 226 sent to me for next day delivery. Long story short, I called Osage at 1430 on Thursday 3rd, and got my pistol the afternoon of Friday 4th! G&R ignored my request and shipped the Legion. I called UPS and got it returned to sender.

Fast forward... G&R never processed my refund, so I successfully disputed with my bank USAA. Grant then sends me a nasty, unprofessional email email, stating that I was wrong in processing a dispute, etc. He stated in his email that I am lucky that I didn't do this with a local vendor, or else they would have shown up to my house and punched me in the mouth. At this point, I am willing to pay for an airline ticket for him to show up at my house. :)

These guys are frauds, they're unprofessional and lack ANY kind of customer service. They state that they are a disabled veteran owned business, but feel as though they can do whatever they want and everyone should be happy with that. I HIGHLY ADVISE against doing business with this company.



Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: Houston, Texas

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Thanks. You just saved me nearly $2k in possible frustration, Did not know about this company until I decided to check to be safe.

Thanks again. Best to stay with proven sellers even if you pay a bit more.


Sean, you left out that your dealer contacted us about you and said that you have played this same game with other dealers (where you order a gun, dealer ships it and then you contact UPS and have them turn the package around back to the dealer). Then you contact your CC company and do a charge back (all with out contacting the dealer).

Your local dealer also believed that you were doing a straw purchase on this gun as well.

We have no problem receiving negative reviews when we honestly make an error (not when someone does this many dishonest things). Too bad we cannot warn all the other dealers about you.

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