Unfortunately due to personal experiences, I do not recommend purchasing from Foxx Hollow.

My first purchase took place on September 22, 2020 for a spirit companion listing from the rehomes channel in Foxx Hollows discord server. I paid to have a write-up for the spirit, but I also paid extra to have the order expedited, being told that it should probably just take a few weeks to be done.

At the time, I wasnt aware of how extensive the backlog was and ended up participating in an event that happened the following month. I invited home another companion at the very end of October, and fortunately the order was completed November 9! This gave me the impression that my first order would be finished soon, but I was wrong. Last I heard, the first companions order should be completed before December 1 of 2020.

Its now April of 2022 and my order hasnt made any progress.

Ive been trying to keep track of whatever announcements take place in the server in hopes of finding out whats going on, but a majority of the announcements that take place are emergencies that are stopping Foxx from working on orders. I would assume that because of this and the backlog, they would have been taking time to focus on chipping away at orders, but new events and offers keep being posted frequently. To give context for how extensive the backlog is, as I write this the Trello that was shared by Foxx has the following listed as needing to be done: 210 write-ups from 2018, 337 from 2019, 130 from 2020, 75 were counted in the expedited list, 23 were counted in the readings list, 30 letters, and 18 custom conjures. All of this added together is 823 orders!

Im not sure how many orders may be owed from 2021 or 2022 as theyre not listed, though I know that sales have been happening up until at least February of this year.

Anyways, to wrap this up, I dont know if Ill ever actually see my first order completed.

I would try to reach out, but unfortunately another emergency took place today according to Foxx so it wouldnt be appropriate to try to say anything directly at this time. Its because of all of this that I would suggest staying clear of Foxx Hollow and looking elsewhere for spirit companionship.

User's recommendation: Seek spiritual services elsewhere.

Foxx Hollow Cons: Frequent emergencies, Excessive backlog.

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin

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