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I would like to advise the leadership team at Alaqua Apts in Jacksonville May 6/2021

My name is and I would like to bring to your attention an incident that occurred at Alaqua Apts Jacksonville Florida, on May 6, 2021.

First I would like to introduce myself I am a 60 year old retired business professional. I worked at Marriott international as a regional senior director for the central region, for 25 years.

I am chronically ill and have three auto immune diseases I move from Parkland Florida to Jacksonville last May to be close to the mayo clinic for treatment.

On May 6th this year I had a doctors appointment. My car battery had died and I went to my apartment to get my battery charger. I called the office and asked Lisa if someone could come down to lift the hood of my car while I started it. She said yes she would find someone, then she called me back 10 minutes later and said sorry we dont have anybody.

Well I saw the guys right out in the back dumpster area and I called her back. She told me they were too busy and did not have time. I was ill and needed help to get to the doctor and all I needed was somebody to lift my hood I could not lift it. So I stopped the guy on the golf cart and asked him and he waved me off.

Well somehow I managed and I made my appointment but I cant tell you how upsetting this made me feel, after I was told if I ever needed anything to just call.

I would also like to bring to your attention the connectivity issues in this area.

You are aware we could not even exchange text during the time that I was trying to sign my lease, because of the connectivity issues. This is a dealbreaker for anybody trying to conduct business.

I have also had a terrible issue with mail. I have reported the United States Postal Service on four different occasions. I continue to get calls from the office (when calls do go through) telling me my mailbox was full.

I told them it is full in fact, (The office brought my mail one time and when I called to ask, only because Chris offered to bring it, Lisa said we dont normally do that) but its not my mail its from about the nine previous tenants and Im sick and tired of having to be your trashcan. I was told by Chris that we had a new mail person and that would not be a problem anymore. It continues so I conduct all of my business over the Internet and bypass the mailbox.

OK so I have lived here one year, I just renewed my lease. I moved in last year on June 1.

I am so disappointed in the community that does not exist here, there is zero help offered for those two very minor times I called.

I feel like Im treated like an imposition not a member of this community, As a matter of fact not even belong here thats how you make me feel.

You live and you learn, next time Ill make a better choice. In the meantime I hope and pray that this letter will help to improve this housing situation for the next person behind me.


Laurie LeChevalier



Laurie LeChevalier

User's recommendation: Be advised it’s bait and switch.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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