Anyone that has kids knows that 200% of the time they hate to be corrected. Everyone knows 150% that a cheater or liar will soon be caught.

Anyone knows a 100% that if someone called you a racist name, YOU will know it. Your chance of a racist listening to you 0%. This is exactly happen after asking Fitzsimons Federal Credit Union, Aurora, CO to correct my name. We have in a society that requires legal documents for any official business transactions.

As former military, the DOD officially entered my name accordingly to my birth certificate. Therefore, it has been a document for other transactions. However, you would think that for almost three decades as a customer with Fitzsimons would have no problems with that. Well folks, you are wrong.

They were given a detailed history of the racist spelling but are only concern about profit, membership numbers, employment status, and a "F" paycheck. You can pay a customer to give a business a good rating.

Any business listed with the BBB pays a yearly fee to be listed. What you can do is rate a business a none star which these ones deserve.

User's recommendation: Do not waste your time.

Location: Aurora, Colorado

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