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Update by user Jul 11, 2012


Update by user Jul 11, 2012

And to clarify it has never been about the numbers for me.The way I see it is there are 30 thousand possible connections with 27 thousand plus added bonus photos to those who searching.

I have been bitten, stung, hot, cold, hungry, lost, fallen, broken numerous cameras, spent untold amounts of money on gas, am on my third car, chased once at gunpoint in order to document that which I see as important. The next time you want to judge me or talk about me .. remember I may be photographing your family\'s final resting place.

Instead of being nasty, hateful, controlling and what not try being grateful.What a concept!

Original review posted by user Jul 11, 2012

I joined Find a Grave four years ago. It was a perfect outlet for my hobby of transcribing cemeteries and placing my family members on Find a Grave gave me a lot of joy. I started in Historic Oakwood Cemetery which holds all manner of Montgomerians.. rich, poor, black, white, known and unknown. Realizing it was too big for me to do alone I sought another cemetery smaller in scale. I chose Lincoln and was appalled at the conditions of this cemetery. My tenure on Find a Grave was humming along just fine until I began noticing a lot of duplicate entries by someone named Charlene. At first I tried to be helpful and point out these duplicates which she would make subtle changes to in order to make it appear different. A full out escalation of disgust came when I found she triplicated and plopped the Hill family in the three largest cemeteries. I knew where the Hill's where located and it really pissed me off to find them and then have to tell this *** toad where they were. I did not for months because she as Porter (she likes to hide behind multiple id's) had gotten really nasty about Elizabeth Sealey Pepperman whom I added and she refused to ask for so she duped it and refused to delete. When I sent it to edit she emailed me the nastiest email I had ever gotten accusing me of stealing her family member! Since all of these cemeteries where relatively close to me I frequented all of them adding some here and some there. I can't help that she joined after me. Then she and another contributor whom I know is her brother now backdated a memorial in order to keep it. She and her brother earned themselves a time out for that little stunt.

I have no use for the likes of Charlene Boyd, her daughter Helen, Anita B. and other crazy off the chain people who think the rules do not apply to them. And then when they are penalized or caught in a lie they turn to whining ( 2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion.) and manipulate others like Joyce Morgan E. to write nasty, hateful corrections, in public messages, find a grave forums and face book pages created solely to WHINE and CARRY on, spew hatred, vileness and distort the truth about perceived injustices at the hands of administrators and contributors. Tell me .. do you sit in church with that dirty mouth and nasty heart?

READ THE DAMNED FAQ's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rules are plain as day. Duping for any reason is a no no . Ask for transfers of direct relatives. Consider and make all changes or corrections as they are presented to you. ESPECIALLY when irrefutable proof is given. I.E. photographic evidence. Copyright infringement is taken very seriously. Do not take photographs you DID NOT take and upload them as your own. The FAQ's cover EVERYTHING but the most amazing thing is Jim Tipton is very flexible and as the site has grown many things have changed to reflect that. Another amazing thing is in spite of the apparent nasty, hateful, vile childish emails and public messages and please let not forget the complaints from the BBB rme's.. he receives daily the website is still in operation.


This group which wishes to see him put out of business and off the internet should remember that what goes around comes around. Your actions and inability to play by the rules resulted in your being kicked off the site. In essence it is HIS house and I don't know where you come from but you abide by my rules in my house. I sincerely hope that this website is around forever!

As for how I know so much about her? I grew up in the digital age. I am extremely computer savvy and my god... I am actually intelligent!! As much as I hate to break it to you I am just a lowly volunteer who happens to care very much about cemetery preservation, history and making sure those facts are straight. I don't dupe, plop, guess or build family trees at Find a Grave. I walk, find a grave and upload that to the website. Period. As for me I have no intention of doing anything that puts my account or my hard work in jeopardy.

If you feel the need to join a bunch of other babies to cry about how you were wronged at *** or create multiple id's in order to continue you have a serious issue that either needs medication or a straight jacket.


PS. I sat right next to you at the Archives and History Building last year :D

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London, England, United Kingdom #654085
The best way to go somewhere is to ask someone who has been there before, get a Mentor!!. Someone has done what you are trying to do
right mike
mormons aka morons
I think they are all Mormons.
to: bobobnoxious
Yes many honest good people have issues with f.a.g. members and f.a.g. adminstrators and jim tipton you all are a bunch of grave vampires & buzzards. f.a.g. profits from the deaths of our loved ones they steal obituary photos they steal obituaries that family paid for and they photograph gravestones that the family paid and then put them on f.a.g so jim tipton can profit from their deaths!
Bob O
:upset :cry :upset :x
Somebody has issues....

Dendron, Virginia, United States #579481
The truth about Find A Grave is they profit from the deaths of our loved ones have strangers photograph gravestones that the family paid for and post those photos on the F.A.G. website without permission from the family and for profit for Jim Tipton to make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from "volunteers". Shame on F.A.G. & Jim Tipton!
to findagravesux #857659
Don't bury your family in a public space where anyone can visit then. Its just like the fact I can take your picture if you are walking down a public street and there is nothing you can do about it.
You people are SCARY human beings ! I am never going back to that website again!! why would you say this?? As for how I know so much about her? I grew up in the digital age. You freaking stalked her family is what you did?? WHY???? I sat right next to you at the Archives and History Building last year :D MY GOD!!! what is the matter with you Lonewalker? my guess is the more I go through these posts I will find other people from this website cheering your predatory behavior on....
haha f.a.g.faq's
the so called f.a.g. faq's are load of ***..that has been well established on this website as well as many others. they only apply to members that do not have friends that are f.a.g. adminstrators. lonewalker you are clearly someone that abuses others and as well as exploits our loved ones deaths. stay away from our family cemetery you are trespassing! poor lonewalker its true you are pathetic! as for the so called duped faq it is bogus since I can site several dupes that were merged and the duper maintains the memorial so get your facts right, you spewing outright lies!

ps...anyone else bored with lonewalker's complaint...stopped reading it after the first couple of lines...blah, blah blah
Cyber Stalked and Bullied By F
Author of post That is much better before the lie about me looking up your husband in your diary of a findagrave stalking bully blog was obvious due to your inconsistancies. It is much better now that you lied about me posting under St.Paul Minnesota.

PS The Cyber stalking bully blog makes find a grave look BAD. I will not meet your demands to have it removed. People have quit the website because of your campaigns. Thank you for the help. You can only control you hun. You cannot control me. Also Just a thought your claim i sought you out also looks like a lie because this dated post of you attacking me with no previous history prior to you calling me crazy and all those other names needs to be fixed. Pissed consumer removed the post you made about me being some kind of predator they felt it was harassment...

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