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Updated by user Oct 13, 2017

The fence was completed the following Monday and we signed the completion document provided by the installer. A couple of days later , we find that several posts were not fully encased in concrete.

We check further and find that 18 posts were not fully concreted. We contact the manager whom advised the installer would be contacting us and correcting the fence posts concerns , all we needed to do was show the posts to the installers. We showed the posts to the installers and visibly demonstrated how there was either no concrete in areas or slim concrete in areas. The installer response was , crickets.

The installer claims that each post contains 1 bag of concrete , this appears to be a technical response on their part. Apparently it does not matter to the installer whether the posts are fully encased in concrete , or half encased , or quarter encased or even if half the concrete splashed out of the hole when they poured a half bucket of water on it. This doesn't matter to them. The general manager would rather argue with you , advise that they operate to "industry standards", or provided every excuse known to man.

After this last meeting in our yard today with the installers , the manager advised the installers would be hosing out the dirt around the posts to verify what was there , and he ( the manager ) would stop in Monday or Tuesday to walk the job with us.

Well the installers left and advised they wouldn't return until after the manager scheduled his appointment. Just one never ending frustrating saga.

Original review posted by user Oct 06, 2017

Fence Dynamics is beyond frustrating to deal with and there is literally no customer service. At first , the permitting process was quick and installation was scheduled quickly.

That's where the good ended. On install day the 2 man crew arrived at noon , laid some fencing material out , then sat in their truck waiting "for the concrete guy". The crew then left , returned with concrete, but since we had a rain shower in the meantime they advised they could not work because "things were wet". The crew further advised they would return "with a full crew" the next day and complete the install.

The next morning , a 2 man crew showed up and started the fence at 8 am. By 11:30 am they advised they were leaving " for a meeting" at the office that would occur at 3:30 that afternoon. The crew further advised they would return the following Monday to finish the installation. So , day 1 they worked 2 hours and day 2 they worked 3 hours.

I called the office to voice our concern with the lack of work , and the office response was crickets. No care or concern , no apology , nothing. The office was happy that the crew did advise us of their schedule. The manager was calling to explain what was happening and never did call.

The office explained the manager never returned after lunch and he "doesn't normally do that". Currently we aren't sure what is happening with this company or even if the fence is going to be completed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Fence Dynamics Pros: Sale person.

Fence Dynamics Cons: Office staff and installers.

Location: 7541 Sawyer Cir, Port Charlotte, FL 33981, USA

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Judy M Gwx

Had I read this review before I contracted with this company, I would NOT have done business with them.

Judy M Gwx

After waiting six weeks after placing the order and an entire week for scheduled installation on Tues, then Wednesday, then Friday, Fence Dynamics sent on Saturday July 30, 2022 an installation crew without a supervisor to install a PVC privacy fence using "Stock Products" that were warped and improperly installed. I immediately sent a text to the General Manager, Sabrina Strombos, to tell her the Fence product was NOT the Special Order fence materials that I ordered with my $965.00 deposit six weeks earlier.

Her response was 'scripted' and she said those materials are all they install now since Covid but assured me that the quality and warranty were as good as the materials I expected them to order. Then, I video-taped the installer using a Reciprocating saw to remove material from both inside sections of every Top Rail as a 'short cut" to make it easier to force the pickets into the rails. When I reported this improper installation, which weakened the stability of the Fence, the General Manager, demanded pictures but refused to send a supervisor to the job site, which is the procedure in the warranty form she emailed me. The installation crew spoke very little English but told me the 'office would bill me on Monday for the rest of the money." Any contract was breached by Fence Dynamics when they installed warped and inferior "Stock products" instead of the "Special Order" materials specified on the contract.

According to the General Manager, the owner/Registered Agent of the company, Charles Bisceglia, refuses to talk to me or to honor any warranty, but after the General manager first hung up on me, she then sent an email threatening to put a lien of my property if I did not pay the balance of $2,200.00 for the improperly installed product that I did not order. The latest threat was to have their attorney sue me, but now Sabrina Strombos says she will come to my property to take down his fence without refunding the $965.00 deposit I paid first and bring a police office with her. Charlotte County Sheriff's Department assures me that no law enforcement official would take part in a civil matter but if I feel threatened, I should call 9-11 when Fence Dynamics shows up on my property. This Fence Company pulled a classic "Bait and Switch" scam and I am sure other consumers have been victimized as well.

I refuse to pay $3.50 per INCH for a fence I did not order. At present, I am waiting for Fence Dynamics to either refund my deposit before I authorize any access to my property to allow them to remove their warped 'Stock Fence' or depending on their next move, perhaps litigation is Civil Court is the only solution.

DOCUMENTED FACTS AND EVIDENCE of the defective warped fence, video of improper installation, affidavits from two neighbors, who watched the improper installation done without necessary tools such as a level, and every email sent from Sabrina Strombos as well as two audio-taped phone conversations between myself and the General Manager should be enough for the Court to resolve this issue. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING SAID OR PROVIDED IN WRITING BY THIS COMPANY, and DOCUMENT in writing all contact you have with the General Manager of Fence Dynamics.

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