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I have a check that was stolen out of my truck when I was arrested for an accident two years ago and the police did not even catch the person or go after the person that ran off the scene out of my truck and stole cashiers check that was already deposited in my account that the manager at the Bank of America had already deposited and had a cashiers check put into another persons account by ATM that belong to me made up police report got the person who did it arrested reported it to the bank they did not give it back and I had identity the theft and bank charges attached every time I did an with draw a two pin transactions are more transactions would come out I my *** cameras were not verified it wasnt even reported to the other persons bank as an authorized never even investigated never given the cashiers check back or issued it its not the bank that issued me the checks responsibility its Bank Of America because they are the one that allow the Kriminal to deposit ATM and took it out of my account with my name on it there are no pay to the order of written on the back of that check for the other person only says Kelly Stewart and Bank Of America I made a complaint with the attorney generals office I made a complaint with office of the Attorney General FDIC and all they did was have this little squatty man at the bank call me and say its unfounded and were gonna decline it how do you decline thats my check with my name and I reported it to the police and had the person arrested how do you declined somebody their check back when they made the mistake and on top of the $4017 in unauthorized transactions that happened after they allowed that to be connected to criminals account at the same bank and on top of the fact that all this is unprofessional and unethical and immoral to do that to somebody during a pandemic and make them fight for their money Ive got identity theft Ive got my mother reporting unauthorized charges on me that I was authorized to do every time Ive used a credit card and shop for her because I care for an elderly person for the last 10 years Sprint charges grocery store charges Ive got all the stuff going on and everybody just look at me and Dylan decline decline decline Ive got insurance companies that I have 23 wrecks in PIP in my trucks were never paid for Ive got Car Shield Ive got a little business on FM 528 in Friendswood Texas it took my vehicle after I had it in the shop and Car Shield was supposed to fix it Car Shield never even gave me a warrant a rental car or even paid my hotel bill when I had 15 days without my car when the engine blew a little after 30 days after I had my car my Nissan Xterra after I turned into liberty they had a bad lifter and they just took it back for me and didnt have to give me my money back didnt have to do anything all these people theyre allowing all the stuff to happen which banks ATM card warranties and not doing anything to these companies or a tarnish as Americans for tolerating it and allowing it to happen during during a pandemic I lost vehicles I had vehicles RICOed that vehicle is Rico when I had a big balloon payment and I made Car Shield aware I made the lender aware that the car was in the shop because the engine is blown I mean its just ridiculous that he leaves Ive lost all this money and nobody else to do anything about it because my mom reports unauthorized charges when they are authorized I have text messages showing it I have people that have been with me when I run the errands Im in the car with her I get out of the car shes in the parking lot on camera be getting into the store going buying a Whataburger and shes turning every Whataburger third and every target every flavor somebody needs to do something about this and stop people from reporting an authorized charges when they take care of elderly people

User's recommendation: Don’t take care of parents do the shopping done by Car Shield don’t you Sedgewick don’t use Orangedoor don’t use Public Storage don’t use Aggressive insurance bluebird insurance or even Root insurance or Bank Of America.

Monetary Loss: $70000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

FDIC Pros: It looks good on an advertisement.

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