My first toll notice I got from FastTrack I paid right away, using a quick pay function online called Zelle or something. The system showed an address and info.

for FastTrack, so I added them as payees to my account list in checking.

Their is a provision to add an account number, so I put in my FastTrack invoice number, happy I was able to pay without paying for a money order, buying checks to use just for FastTrack, and having to buy stamps; as well as having to drive to a post office to avoid having outgoing mail stolen from in front of my home (easy to lose checks this way to thieves).

Anyway, I get a notice of no payment made, threatening me with DMV and all, even though my bank actually sent them a paper check.

This company refuses to credit me, even though they cash the check, I guess because they don't get the coupon back with the check, I am "required" to surrender my credit card number, which I won't, to maintain an account with them, which I won't, or they expect me to mail a check, paying postage, and all the aforementioned costs; this, when I was prepared to pay at the toll booth my six bucks. FastTrack makes the cost go up past the toll amount, that is, if you refuse to maintain an account that lets them have your credit card number.

User's recommendation: Please consider using your bank's online pay service. Make sure to put your invoice number and your license plate number in the memo section, so FastTrack will have to deal with it and learn to credit people who want to pay online with only their bank.

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