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I just learned that:

Farmers – Swiss-owned Farmers Insurance Group consistently ranks at or near the bottom of homeowner satisfaction surveys, and for good reason. For example, Farmers had an incentive program called “Quest for Gold” that offered pizza parties to its adjusters that met low claims payments goals. American Association of Justice

Better Business Bureau rated Farmers Insurance an \"F\" which is its Worst rating. (Rating as of 11/3/2005)

July 2008, Insurance Industry Employs “Deny, Delay, Defend” Strategy, Puts Profits Over Policyholders. The rankings show a distinct pattern of insurance industry greed amongst 10 companies that refuse to pay just claims, employ hardball tactics against policyholders, reward executives with extravagant salaries, and raise premiums while hoarding excessive profits. (American Association for Justice)

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I have had farmers Insurance for quite a long time for my house and my car, and have had accident free discounts on my car policy for forever, until just recently. And this is how Farmers Insurance has treated me.

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1st I'd like to mention that Farmers Insurance let Bank of America cancel my home insurance. How they allowed the bank to do this when I pay the insurance for my home, is still unknown (they probably share computer information?), but my agent was able to fix this. However, this horrific story does not end with home insurance errors. Please read on what they have done with my car insurance, and I guaranty that would won't believe what you read.

On my way to work one morning, I ran over some sharp piece of metal in the middle lane of a Colorado Interstate Highway, where construction was being performed. One of the construction trucks may have dropped something onto the road and not picked it up. This piece of metal punctured my front tire and also slit the metal on my passenger door.

No one was hurt and nothing else was damaged no other cars involved..nothing. I pulled over to the side of the road to be safe (that is what you are supposed to do) and I called for assistance and then scheduled for repair. Repair was $984 and rental car was $200 something

However, 2 days ago I received a notice in the mail from Farmers Insurance, that my insurance for my car had gone up approximately $500 dollars !!!!!! I called my insurance rep only to find out that I lost my accident free standing with the company because of the claim I filed when I ran over that piece of metal in the road, and that my claim was over $1000 dollars. So in essence if I paid for the rental car (which my insurance is supposed to pay for), my insurance would not have gone up. This is so ridiculous!!.

Farmers states that I hit the metal, when in fact I ran over the metal that was laying in the middle of the road in the middle lane , I did not colloid with it (BIG DIFFERENCE). I asked, what if my car went over a pot hole or space-junk fell on my car, and the reply was the still get charged with hitting it. They have a commercial on TV right now (shows a music box with an Apolo11 capsule being dropped on it) and the announcer says we even cover that.

I FAIIL TO SEE WHY THEY INCREASED MY INSURANCE THIS HIGH WHEN I WAS NOT IN AN ACCIDENT!!!!!! It is just the sneaky and inventive way that they write the policy, that they are able to do this!! They even filed this with the Colorado Insurance Commission. So then I asked, ok what if something hits my windshield, as that is still my car incurring damage. the reply was, well that's something different.. WHAT??? So in other words, if something hits or affects ANY OTHER part of my car it's called an accident? But my windshield is not part of the car?

GIVE ME A BREAK. This insurance company that I thought would be good for me just SCREWED ME OVER and did it in a big way. So now if I try to leave them or get insurance from any other company, they will see this from Farmers Insurance and give me higher rates.

THANK YOU FARMERS INSURANCE for being the worst company that I have ever dealt with. I will make sure everyone I know and come in contact with knows about how you treat your customers. Oh and by the way, I am a 100 disabled veteran, who will also advise every Veteran and Active Duty person that I come in contact with about this, I will run articles in local papers and post bulletins in all the blogs and all the website on the internet…so no one else GET RIPPED OFF.

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Irish Mike

I was hit from behind.My car was a total loss.

They offered my 7 yr. old daughter $300 dollars 150 for doctor and 150 for her pain.

she has neck pain and they say that soft tissue injuries will heal in 4 to 6 weeks.can you believe it...


I am a former Farmers agent (almost 20 years) and I have great disdain for this company, however, unfortunately your frustrations with Farmers over your particular claim are unfounded.I don't know of a company that would not have treated your claim any differently.

Anytime you hit something, even road debris, it is considered a "Collision" claim, therefore causing a rate increase. This is a contractual issue. If that metal had fallen off the truck and hit your car, then it would have been treated as a "Comprehensive" claim which usually does not cause a a rate increase. Now, there are a number of companies out there that offer an endorsement called "Accident-Forgiveness".

All that really means is that for the privilege of not absorbing a surcharge at the time an accident occurs, you basically accept the surcharge up front.

Farmers sucks.No question about it but I think in this case it just boils down to you not understanding the contract that you have with them.

Dropping Farmers

My husband and I have had Farmers Insurance for years.My husband died and now my insurance has been raised significantly.

I just received an advertisement from a Farmers Insurance Agent for the exact amount that my homeowners insurance used to cost. When I contacted them they said of that is a low rate for people with excellent credit and every discount we offer. Noone can qualify for that rate. It's just a teaser.

It's nteresting that I qualified for that rate until recently. I have excellent credit and no claims. Suddenly I'm getting higher rates. It must be another way to overcharge.

If you have excellent credit, own your homes (multiple), and have never made a claim. They will raise you rates through the roof!

How do you want your wife treated if you die!Don't trust Farmers Insurance with your family's future during their time of need.

Ron Girard

Like I said above this is the worse insurance company.They seem innocent, but when you file a claim, there they go.

It took me an entire month to compare apples to apples with other companies. I went with GEICO, I know they are not that good, but ther are sure better than Farmers, I saved 400 on home insurance and 600 on car insurance.

I was being ripped off by Farmers.Don't let this happen to you.


Been with Farmers almost 30 years.Wife just had a major single car accident in snow and ice.

They increased my renewal premium 29% and the coverage will no longer include my wife. We insure 3 cars and my home. My home insurance increased 36% with one $600 claim payment. We live in CO.

I understand they may be trying to exit CO and are using increases to make it happen. They suck.

30 years of premium payments and they do this.If you live in CO I would leave these guys.

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