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I am not going into detail since it spans many many mionths. Plain and simple, buyers beware.

Do your research when looking to purchase a pool. The FamilyPoolFun companies customer service is horrible at best.

It is pretty much non-existent. Once they have your money, they don't care about you and will ignore you.

User's recommendation: Buyers beware.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Kenton, Ohio

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I am in a horrible situation with Family Pool Fun. This experience is truly unbelievable.

I spent over $5k on a pool which was promised to be delivered by the third week in June. I received emails from Jay (Owner) which stated the pool was on backorder until the end of July. Trying to talk with him is impossible after you gave them your money. You are forced to talk with people who are atrocious.

I was screamed at and told to get used to disappointment. After much discussions with my family, I chose to repair the pool I already had in order to enjoy the short lived summer season. I spent another $1,500 to do so. I sent an email to Jay at 8:02am on 6/29/21 to cancel the pool which was on backorder until end of July.

Low and behold, I get an email from Jay at 6:49pm on 6/29/21 telling me they shipped out my pool, REALLY??? My pool coincidentally and magically materialized 10 hours after my cancellation. Well, I contacted the company and was screamed at again and hung up on. Then, I contacted the shipping company to see if I can stop the shipment.

Upon hearing about my ordeal, they blocked it. Now Family Pool Fun is refusing to refund ANY of my money. I promise, I am not making this up. I am contact he DA of the state of MN on Monday.


That is how they get you. They offer a 4% savings if you pay by check, so when they scam you, you have no recourse to get your money back.

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