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On 6/4/2022, I experienced a flame coming from an outlet in my master bathroom. Extremely concerned, I proceeded to look for electricians online.

Given the reviews I saw for this company, I called them. Joseph, the owner, told me I was lucky my house did not burn down. When his 2 employees arrived the next day, they continued to instill the fear of God in me, advising I needed both of my panels replaced. I was surprised to hear that, but in the state of panic instilled in me bb them, I agreed to have them replace the interior panel.

The price was provided to us bb Joseph on the phone, who rattled off a bunch of numbers, advising I was getting a great deal, with an over 55 and another discount= $3,585. Now, mind you, I NEVER have work done at my home, based on one estimate. In my utter state of panic, stupidly, I agreed.

There were many red flags experienced through my interaction with these folks:

1) I was asked to prepay, which I never do;

2) I was not provided an itemized bill;

3) Even though I was told I would be emailed my itemized bill/description/lifetime. warranty shortly after being forced to prepay for the work, I was not provided any kind of report, estimate, bill, until the evening of 6/52022, after the work was almost completed;

4) Upon reviewing the document received via email, & noting information included on it was not information discussed before agreeing to job, as well as that it was not itemized, I replied to Josh (employee who sent it), asking for clarification regarding the information not previously discussed and that an itemized invoice be provided;

5) Since I did not hear back from Josh, I called the owner, Joseph, who indicated he would have Josh send all to me, but I never received that;

6) After continuing to see red flags with these folks, we spoke to another 5 electricians, who unanimously concluded that 1) the issue I experienced has an easy industry standard fix; 2) a panel replacement was not necessary and 3) IF it would have been, the cost should have been between $800 & $2,000, @ MOST;

7) Upon trying to discuss all above with Joseph, I encountered a rather defensive attitude, with lots of interruptions while I spoke and even yelling at me; 8) When I had my significant other try to contact Joseph, he had Josh call him back and never returned his call himself;

9) Something else extremely concerning is that the same employee who was left at my home to do the work, informed me that he has posted the majority of their reviews, which I confirmed in seeing 2 reviews with his own name on them- Ryan Murphy.


This company is the epitome of the shysters we hear about in S Florida. Joseph actually called me yesterday, with a police officer on the phone, trying to force my arm to remove my review from his site, offering me an unacceptable amount for a refund, threatening to sue me for defamation. As I told Joseph, I am not the type of person who wastes precious time on things I do not think I am able to prove. I have evidence of everything I herein mention and have every intention of warning my community about this deceitful company, and of getting a large part of my money back (over payment).

It makes me livid to know I had work done that did not even need to be done. By the way, I have already heard from another person who had the same thing happen to them, at the hands of this company. There are also reviews from apparent legitimate customers/would be victims on their site, describing the same exact thing that happened to me. Reviews Joseph responds to bb saying they have no record of them being customers.

After my personal experience, I do not believe ANYTHING that comes out of Josephs mouth.

I can give many other examples, but will save all for my day in court. Buyer beware!!!

User's recommendation: Do not use this company/Do your research before agreeing to any work by them!

Location: Meriden, Connecticut

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