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On 6/5/2022, Joseph- the owner,-Josh and Ryan, insisted I needed to replace both the interior and exterior panels of my home. Based on their reviews, I called them, after seeing a small flame come out of a master bath outlet, while vacuuming.

They instilled the fear of God in me, saying I was lucky my house did not burn down and that it still could. In a complete panic, I agreed to have my perfectly good19 year old interior panel replaced. After experiencing several red flags with them, including that one of the employees writes most of the companys reviews, several reviews about others being advised to replace panels and finding out it was not necessary, as well as their failure to provide me an itemized invoice. I have confirmed that a) my issue had an easy at the outlet fix and b) my panel did not need to be replaced.

Even if it would have, I should have paid between $900 and $2000 at most. I was charged $3,585!! Outrageous! And Joseph claimed I got a great deal because he applied two discounts.

I have lived in FL over 20 years. I have dealt with many contractors. This one is the epitome of the nightmares we all hear about. Tries to gain your trust by mentioning God a lot and saying his business is a family owned business, founded by his grandfather in 1974.

If the case, and his grandfather did not engage in his same business practices as him, he must be turning in his grave. Beware!!

User's recommendation: Get others to look at your issue. Do not let them instill fear in you, no matter how Christian Joseph claims to be.

Location: Delray Beach, Florida

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