My phone # 971-585****63

I am currently out of UAE, my current billing date is May 15,2022. I tried to pay through my online


My bank account is at CBD, I could not access it from abroad. I called my bank and complained

because my online banking is not functioning from outside UAE. I also tried to contact Etisalat and

explain about this issue. For this reason I writing to your section, hoping that your office will find

way that I could pay my bill.

I appreciate if you can guide me through to pay my bill.

I will be

returing to Dubai in June next month. I anticipate to receive a reply instructing me how to pay

my bill to Etisalat one way or the other.

Thank you

User's recommendation: There must a Etisalat contact number so people in my position can reach that number in UAE and.

Etisalat Pros: Good services while in uae.

Etisalat Cons: Not good support while outside uae.

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