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I have been a returning customer for three years now. Absolutely have NEVER ever had an issue with them.

All the products have been wonderful. I left the country for a bit, then I returned. It was around Christmas time, and I was wanting to place a HUGE order for Christmas for myself, and for some of my family members because we LOVE cleaning products and such. I get onto their website ,and it states you have to be a member.

Ok I THOUGHT I already was? So I was like, Ok not a problem. I will just fill it out again. No big deal.

I proceeded to pick out all the products I was going to order. Then proceeded to go to where I needed to fill out the information that was requested of me, and when I clicked finish, the page didn't respond. So I did it again. Nothing.

Then the page started geeking on me. I figured they were having an issue with their page. Or my internet connection wasn't good. So I headed to their Instagram page.

And I clicked on a post and asked if I could get some help. And my comment was immediately deleted. So I chose another post and asked again! And my question was IMMEDIATELY deleted again!

I was confused as to why. So I sent a message. I got no answer. So I logged out that that account, and logged into my business account, and got back onto their page, and asked if I could get some help because I REALLY wanted to place an order before Christmas!

And my comment was immediately deleted. I messaged them, and I got a response from them and all they said was that is strange because I can log into it on all of MY devices, and it seems to work fine it could be just a random glitch affecting your ability to log in. NO help whatsoever on how to fix the situation. I was just left to the wind.

I waited a couple of days and tried again. Still nothing. I wasn't the only person to have this issue. They didn't offer to help or even offer a different way to become a member.

To ME, that is suspect. I also own a business, and I am always helping my clients if there is a problem with MY website. I got persnickety with them because of how unprofessional they were Deleting comments. I DID take notice of a person whose been trying to call them out for bogus products.

I myself have never had any issues. Their products are legit, and expiration dates were never expired dates. I'm upset because I WAS a returning customer and got treated like garbage, and then basically got kicked to the curb all because I was asking for help, and was getting upset as to why I was NOT getting any help. So ya, I don't suggest them to anyone anymore like I used to.

I was telling everyone about them. Now I tell everyone not to bother.

User's recommendation: I do not recommend sue to lack of care.

Location: Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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