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My color is arriving for first time today. After reading these reviews I don't think I intend on using it. I'm not happy & want refund !!

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I would ABSOLUTELY NOT use Esalon hair color. My hair is SO DAMAGED!!!

I literally cry every time I have to wae.g. my hair. Still can't get a brush or comb through it. I called customer service...all they could say was I'm sorry!

Got my,money back BUT can't get my long, shiny hair back!!! I'm beyond devastated!!!

Don't listen to ANYONE who says you can't go by everything you read...HELL yeah you can!!! TRUST ME DON'T USE eSALON!!!!


Try it before you believe everything you read. They have been very helpful, and the kit was above and beyond what I was expecting.Follow their instructions and you should be fine.Call and speak with them about your concerns beforehand.From what I've heard, the company stands by their products and customer service.Sincerely,Margaret