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i spoke to someone on phone who obviously doesnt know a thing about what she recommened i buy that would tone out the red from my natural brown high lighted hair.( i explained my situation in detail) she told me to order their tint rinse in red neutralizer. i did as she recommended.

when i applied it as directed , only leaving on 3 min. i was shocked! my hair was now a green, black, gray color. no blond left and yes the red was gone but it looked like i used soot to wash it.

i was panicked so i used dawn soap and baking soda and i could not get the gastly gross color out. i ended up doing a bleach wash. whew the gross color gone but back to red tone again. i wait 2 weeks and why i dont know but tried the tint rinse again only left on 1 min.

omg its gross black again!! Seriously? i emailed e salon and to my surprise the response was " red neutralizer is for brown or black hair not highlighted hair so we can not honor our guarentee!. Ok so what your employee told me to buy that screwed my hair up is my fault?this is obviously people who are not out to help but tell you to buy the wrong item then treat you like this?

thank god God for sallys . i hope everyone reads the reviews b4 dealing with these people so you dont go thru what i did.

facts .. *** products except maybe for halloween and rude unprofessional employees not hair experts obviously.

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Bishop D

Contact me at VICTIMNOMORE1@YAHOO.COM Sorry this happened to you. VICTIMNOMORE

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