I have VERY baby-fine hair. I cannot take permanents and find that most colorings have damaged my hair, even from well-known hairdressers.

ESalon changed that for me. The color does not damage my hair but indeed adds much needed body. I have adjusted my color a couple of times, and think I have now found the best one. The colorists have been very easy to work with and I like the fact I choose how much product to buy when.

My hair tends to grow slowly, is short so I usually get 2 colorings out of one order.

I'm glad to say I have never encountered the complaints others have made. Happy Customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

eSalon Pros: Convenience, Product results and packaging, Quality and ease of use of products, Convenience product results quality ease of use.

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Nice to know--have same uncommon issue...scary amount of baby fine hair. Takes hair stylist 1 1/2 hours to separate, color + foil; 1st one got "lazy" after about 8 years and would only do "outside" unless I pushed for full color (it benefits stylist/owner!!!) grudgingly done once/yr--looked like oreo cookie if hair pulled up for skiing/swimming, and only 4 visits, max, per year.

Cash customer, more than generous tipper. Hello new salon! Even one complaint of hair color problems/hair falling out freaks me out tho'!!!

ONLY high maintenance routine I do + hubby of 29 years loves salon "look". Waiting to see if complaints stop.


good to know , i have fine hair too!

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