Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Idecided to try this out. I was using Wella and always had good luck, but this sounded promising.

I went through their process of determining what would be my "formula".

After following their steps, my roots were a reddish medium brown and the rest of my hair was my natural dark brown.

I was heading off on vacation in less than two weeks, I called and complained about this result and the customer service rep was extremely rude. She didn't offer a solution that would make my hair normal before I went on vacation nor did she agree to honor their guaranteed money back. I went back to Wella and would never recommend this company to anyone who cares about their hair.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I experienced the exact same thing!! My hair is horrible!

Can't even dry it because of the 'waxy' coating on it now.

SO upset! Does anyone know what works in 'removing' it?



I agree with the previous person. I wrote an email requesting that the color be changed as it was not a good color for my complexion.

I never heard back. I rec'd my next order and it was the same med. brown. I used it and had bad results.

My roots were a red color and the rest was dark brown. Makes my face look hard and old. I have written another email again requesting to speak w/someone to change the color. Wrote it today will see if someone contacts me.

Took myself off the reorder list until I hear back from them. Very disappointed in the outcome.


We very much regret that your recent eSalon experience was less than satisfactory and your color did not meet your hair color goals.

Per our Satisfaction Guarantee, if clients are not completely happy with their eSalon products, at their choice, we will either send them a new hair color formulation (or replacement hair care product) or issue a refund for their purchased items, less shipping charges.

It appears the Customer Service representative with whom you spoke may not have fully explained our Satisfaction Guarantee policy. We apologize for not providing you with the best service possible.

To request a new reformulation (or replacement hair care product) or to request a refund, please contact us within 30 days. We can be reached toll-free at 866.550.2424.

Again, we apologize you were not 100% happy with your experience.

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