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I did, last year, and everything was ok. I decided to do it again...

Now I am left in tears... My scalp was BLACK for weeks, and since May 29, 2017 my hair is falling out so rapidly, that it is impossible not to cry over it. I have been trying to keep my hair as healthy as possible... Growing them out, not using anything but a natural organic shampoos.

Well, this has taught me a lesson. One month later, I have half the hair I used to have, I am scared to touch them because each time I do a new "batch" comes out. My wedding is in September of this year. If this will continue, I will be bold by then.

I am ready to file a law suit. Also, I emailed them, asking if there was any change in their formula. The only response I got was an automated message and suggestion I see my physician, oh, and my favorite: you didn't follow the rules of application. To that I can only say there is no one in this country more careful and cautious than me, when it comes to hair dye...

Please, do not purchase this scam. You will be sorry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Law suit.

eSalon Cons: Product and customer service.

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@Kate257 Are you dumb ? It's Monica@Esalon.com , it's obviously not going to be directlyatmonica@esalon.com ...

Even Stevie Wonder could have "seen" that one . Dunce !


I also had issues with their hair color!! I have found that there is some kind of wax that is in their formula!!!

For months it felt like tar in my hair so I stopped using it for a while and found a lot of sediment in the color bottle!! Have also noticed they have decreased the amounts in the bottles!!!

I am also considering suing them!! Not to mention that they increased the price, almost double $$!!!!!


I an so sorry for your experience. Mine was absolutely terrible and even when I brought up any kind of legal threat, I was bashed with how many satisfied customers they have and that I am not important.

My wedding day was ruined in this matter and I was forced to purchase hair (amazing quality hair, btw), for a lot of money, just to save the situation.

Thank God my husband didn’t care, although I could tell he was a bit disgusted by the fact I wore someone else’s hair... eSalon should be ashamed by the fact how they handled my situation last year, and if you can, sue them!!!


Hi Kate,

Were so sorry to hear about your recent hair color experience and can understand how stressful this situation must be for you.

Many factors can contribute to hair loss and in rare cases, one can develop sensitivity to hair color over time, even if one has previously applied the same brand of hair color with no reaction.

We would still recommend consulting with your doctor to determine whether youve developed an allergy to other products or specific hair dye ingredients.

We are very concerned about your experience and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally. Please call me toll-free at your earliest convenience. I can be reached Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm, PT at (866) 550-2424 x676.

With kind regards,

Monica D. Higgins Director | Color + Care Team | eSalon


Dear Monica D. Higgins,

I was advised to keep everything in writing from now on, so I apologize, but I will not be calling you.

Yes, this situation is very stressful and truly unfortunate.

I saw my physician last Friday who has also expressed her concern.

My wedding reception was the very same day (July 7th, 2017) and she clearly did not want to stress me even more, so she decided that I must to come in again next week to possibly figure out if there is anything what can be done to stop or slow down the excessive hair shedding. It was fun to fill out her questionnaire about that particular issue, let me tell you that.

Frankly, I must disclose the following; getting ready for my wedding reception last Friday was supposed to be a happy occasion. I must say, it was everything but that. I cannot even style my hair anymore, and the looks on guest's faces were more of a shock rather than "we are so happy for you!".

One person actually asked me if I was alright, checking to see if I was going through some chemotherapy, there is 100% no joke to that comment.

So, I must thank you (!!) for ruining the supposedly happiest moment of my life - the first part. I am getting ready for the wedding ceremony on a beach in September, and I am already searching Amazon for wigs. The expenses of this damage keeps growing, ironically, unlike my hair volume. Thank God I have a wonderful partner who does not care if I had any hair on my head left.

Additionally, the package I sent back was returned to me. Apparently it was not accepted?? I am shipping it again today. If this e-mail comes across as rude, I apologize, I am really that frustrated.

After reading my complaint, I expect an official response as soon as possible. Sincerely, Kate Martin


Hello Kate,

Given the distress caused byyour current situation, we completely understand your decision to keep our exchange in writing. With such a significant celebration on the horizon, we are very sorry to hear of this circumstance and we are fully committed to understanding the cause of your reaction.

With respect to your desire to keep all exchanges in writing, please do not hesitate to emailme directlyatmonica@esalon.com, to speak more in-depth about your experience.

My very best,


Monica D. Higgins Director | Color + Care Team | eSalon


I wanted to respond directly to you, Monica, but your email bounced, that email address does not exist?!

Address not found

Your message wasn't delivered to directlyatmonica@esalon.com because the address couldn't be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.


I’m so sorry for your experience BUT who would do anything drastic such as coloring hair at home the day of the wedding???

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