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Erie insurance does not want to pay for my hail damage to my roof even though I have had 4 other companies tell me that I had hail damage.

Erie Insurance paid to have an engineering company of their choice come out to check out my roof and when they came out the engineering company called Donan Engineering told me that I did not have hail damage and they took pictures that were so far away that of course in the pictures it does not look like hail damage but if you see the roof in person and take pictures up close you can easily see the damage caused by hail.

I also checked with the weather center and I can also prove when the hail damage happened.

I no longer have my insurance with Erie Insurance and I do not recommend them to anyone unless of course you want to go through what I went through. I was hung up up on twice by the Charlotte manager Michelle S.

not only once but twice and I was also hung up on by the engineering company Donian Engineering. Once by the South East Manager and once by the gal in the office.

I also have written complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Charlotte and Donian Engineering has chosen not to even respond to them.

Go figure? I guess they do not care about their reputation.

Why could I not use a roofing company of my choice or a inspector of my choice? Because Erie Insurance does not want to pay their claims is why.

You see an insurance company is only as good as if they pay their claims and if I pay my premiums then I expect the insurance company to pay if I have problems. Not only have I turned the insurance company over to the BBB but I have also turned them over the the North Carolina Insurance Commission. The report that I did up on this claim that I sent to the North Carolina Insurance Commission was 126 pages long with detailed pictures and reports from other companies.

This is my first home owners claim ever and I expect to be treated with respect as well as have my claim paid for because I got hail damage.

David Snell

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Sep 26, 2016 #1218297 Morristown, New Jersey, United States

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Oct 22, 2014 #888363 Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Donan and Triple A Roof Technologies do not believe that there has been hail of damage causing size has ever been in North Carolina. If you do file a claim I would make sure that I stated "do no use either of these companies because of terrible reviews.

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Feb 12, 2014 #784728 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

I had my house insulation the company that did the work had to take the outside vinyle sidding off the house drill holes and spray the foam insulation in when the sidding was put back up it was done incorrectly ( also had holes cracks and in the heat it bowed ) Now my home owners is Erie and the Company that did the work was also insured with Erie so Erie came out to the house told me they had my back they also brought out a contractor who wrote a paper that said the person who last touch my sidding did the damage and at the time they were at my house I was told the contractor was the best he can tell what happen so I then get my letter from Erie saying I was denied telling me the contractor said it was the fault of the originil installer from 10 years ago After I laugh and said why does the contractors paper say the person who last touch it ! I then was told the contractor was no good thinking because he wasn't or didn't say what they wanted ( Keep in mind their Contractor ) Now they wanted to bring out a Engineer so a Engingeer could tell why my sidding was cracked and had holes in it and bow I told Erie I dont think you need to be a rocket scientist to figure out I had no damage they touched I have damage where is the Mystery
Very Very unhappy with Erie

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Jul 25, 2013 #687460 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

I can reflect the same situation with both Erie and Donan or what ever their name is. As a matter of fact we just had another hail storm in April, filed the claim (this is after 2 other hail storms and 2 other denied claims). I had video (adjuster not interested), pictures (adjustor not interested) but what she was very clear about was That Erie has a policy NOT to replace roofs, only slopes. She was also clear that Erie DOES NOT allow anything for matching shingles in their half baked "repairs" so you end up with a hillbilly house of mismatched garbage on your roof. DO NO BUY ERIE INSURANCE!!! We should get a class action suit against them.

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Feb 26, 2013 #614837 Cloverdale, Indiana, United States

Also, avoid Allstate, Nationwide (depends on state), Grinell Mutual, and some local mutual insurance carriers. Mutual insurance carriers that are area specific have a lot of liability when it comes to paying out lots of claims because they don't have deep pockets. Generally, AAA, USAA, State Farm (sometimes), Erie, Shelter, any Farm Bureau (highly recommend Farm Bureau) are good carriers. It is my experience that these companies will pay for whatever is physically damaged by the storm.

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Feb 26, 2013 #614832 Cloverdale, Indiana, United States

As a restoration project manager, I can tell you that good contractor's will get on your roof and show you pictures of damaged areas and explain what caused them (hail, foot traffic, etc.) Donan Engineering is not there to approve a claim. They pay these guys 800 to 2200 dollars to go out to your house and deny claims. They denied a hail claim I was working in an area that had been obliterated by hail (baseball size plus), and the home in question showed severe roof and collateral damage (i.e. broken windows, hole through things there shouldn't be holes through). Donan came out and denied this claim. Everytime you see a Donan truck at your house for an insurance inspection, immediately call your agent and request that your claim go to arbitration. That is where a third party (usually another engineering firm or more preferably a licensed property adjuster) will meet with the insurance rep. to come to an agreement in regards to the damage. This is the best remedy to prevent from being screwed. Also, an experience restoration contractor usually has an RPA or insurance "guru" on staff that can find other ways around their decisions by language in your policy regarding "direct physical damage".

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Dec 06, 2012 #578881 Dallas, Texas, United States

I have only a few comment's to make.(1)I have ALLSTATE INSURANCE on my home right.And i can say i have never had a problem with ALLSTATE paying any claim that i submitted on my home.(2)We had a hail storm back in JUNE i believe and Althought my VEHICLE'S had hail damage,My home did not have any damage to it.ALLSTATE came out and INSPECTED my roof for hail damage and Their was none.So please don't speak on ALLSTATE INSURANCE because they are a great insurance company as far as i am concern.Now my sister-in-law had NATIONWIDE INSURANCE on her home and to this day they have not paid her claim for hail damage.I have also had some lady telephone me and Inform me that their company was out riding around inspecting roof's for hail damage,Now i did not request this company whom ever it might be to inspect my home and I doubt if it is possible to inspect a home from the street.So i asked the lady how did someone inspect my roof without getting my permission and Without going on top of my home.This lady could not say anything but i don't know,I was just doing what i was told to do and That is to telephone you.Then she hung up very fast.WTF.Their are so many people out their that sceem .Now if ALLSTATE INSURANCE came to my home to inspect my roof and Found it to be not damage.How is someone i do not even know out of the blue telephone me and State i have damage to my roof.SOUND'S LIKE BS TO ME.

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Dec 06, 2012 #578858 Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Why could I not use a roofing company of my choice or a inspector of my choice?

Roofing companies have an inherent conflict of interest in that they only make a profit if they find a reason to replace the roof. That's why insurance companies hire experts rather than taking the contractor's recommendation. However, you could have hired an inspector at your own expense and invoked the appraisal clause of your policy.

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Feb 26, 2013 #614840 Cloverdale, Indiana, United States

Some insurance companies hire roofers for their inspections. I know, I do them all the time (for a local company in Indianapolis no less - Amos Exteriors). But you are correct, because of the weak storm season, most roofers just hop up there and tell you that you damage and to call your insurance and pray they get a lazy adjuster out to look at your house. This is not how our company does business because it is just a waste of time for me, you, and your insurance company. Also, I can assure you that rarely do you get professional adjusters. You can take a course in Indiana for 320 bucks and become a licensed adjuster in a week. That very well could be the "professional" your insurance carrier hires to come out and evaluate your claim.

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Jul 13, 2012 #512288

Donan is the worst, whenever you hear their name call the police or attorney general. They teach fraud over there.

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Donan sucks

Jul 13, 2012 #512283

you are right, they suck!

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Charlotte roofer

Jun 01, 2012 #489678

First of all to the person on here saying that roofers are just trying to "make a sale," how would roofers make a sale if the Roof doesn't have damage? We know these adjusters and what they're looking for better than anybody! Unless you're an *** ( which I know a lot of roofers are) there would be no point in filing a claim and wasting time and gas on something you know is going to get denied. Of course sometimes it's damaged but not enough damage to call for a replacement vs a repair. But there's only one way to find out. And premiums can't be raised on a individual only on a region when it comes to storm damage. So for all the ignorant people out there, enjoy paying higher premiums regardless and also paying for a roof out of pocket one day. And for erie insurance, they suck! And if you're thinking about changing to allstate, theyre even worse! If you don't believe it google top ten worst insurance companies in America. Guess who's number 1 ALLSTATE! You arent in good hands. It's BS! They spend all their money on marketing and targeting 4 different races in all their commercials. AAA engineers are a bunch of bs engineers that couldn't get a real job using their degree! Erie Charlotte is horrible but Erie as a company isnt to bad. Unfortunately for us Charlotte natives they don't like buying roofs. If you want a good insurance company
Take my word I've been doing this for 5 years: nationwide, travelers, kemper. You get what you pay for. And they actually
... Show more

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May 27, 2012 #486993

:( Erie insurance pulled this same *** with me on 2 different occasions! One with a house on the laurel ridge where it snows and ices much more than the surrounding lower lying areas! Donan engineering dumasses came out months after the ice dam had melted and tried to tell me/Erie there was nothing wrong with my shingles even though the Erie adjuster stood in my home watching water drip into buckets!

Fast forward 18 months, and I buy a second home and insure it with Erie and have an unfortunate ice dam event at that home and leake water in several places down into a brand new $20,000 kitchen and a $10,000 family room great room renovation and do thousands in damage. Erie paid Dumass Donan Engineering to do another report that said the roof was "not wind damaged" and "not claim related" I had to fight with Erie over this claim and then, I got a 2 claims in 5 years surcharge doubling my home owners premiums!

My agent did nothing for me! Donan Engineering is a bunch of dumasses! And we're basically screwed because our insurance agent never advised us that we should carry our homes with different insurance carriers to avoid such a surcharge!

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May 15, 2013 #651283 Greensboro, North Carolina, United States

You got mad about them saying nothing was wrong with your roof? Ice dams simply is a situation where the melting snow/ice cant get off your roof. Shingles are not water proof. When that water pools up it has nowhere to go but into your house. You my friend are one of the reasons there is so much misinformation out there. Educate yourself, you can have an ice dam with ZERO damage to the roof.

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May 15, 2012 #480537

I was told by Farm Bureau that were not paying my claim, because of an inspection said I had zero damage. Yet I hired an independent inspector that had nothing to gain, and said he cannot believe I was told I had zero damage. I have damaged gutters, damaged rails, minor damage to my metal roof, yet the only comment my agent said was if my roof was replaced I would have to pay the $2500 deductible, of course I would I going to spend that much replacing / repairing my handrails and gutters. If life has been taken out of my roof, it is no different that damage to my vehicle, I paid to have it covered, and if some act of God or individual damages my property a customer should and have the right to have it corrected regardless. That is the risk an insurance company makes when that collect your premiums

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Billy Dockins

Apr 21, 2012 #469405

Some of you people are very uneducated when it comes to claiming you have or do not have hail damage. If a roofer comes to your house, inspects your roof and says you have hail damage, you MUST consider this: THEY ARE THERE TO MAKE A SALE!!! They could care less if your roof has legitimate storm damage. These unethical roofers are the reason your premiums are high and you have to deal with aggravated adjusters. Just because a hail storm went through your neighborhood, it does not mean you have damage. My brother works hard as structural engineer at being fair and honest. So, stop slamming insurance companies and engineering companies. You are only angry because your claim did not get paid. You would be praising them it was paid.....and probably would not have posted those praises on this site. Lesson 1: Quit letting salesman get on your roof. It will have "damage" every time.


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Oct 22, 2014 #888365 Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Billy, Sir you are an ***. The only way to make a "sale is if the roof has damage" Homeowners are angry because every house in 1000 yards have been replaced and some *** adjuster or so called engineer says absolutely no hail on this roof. If ten engineers say there is damage and then one says no, I would question the guy that says no, as would you. If you aren't in this field then quit taking up for you girlish brother and let professionals and homeowners who have experienced this malpractice speak on what they know.
In other words shhhhh

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Roof right

Jan 22, 2015 #934799 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States

You my friend are the uneducated one. The roofer is the homeowners best friend when it comes to storm damage. I have over 15 years installing all roofing systems from skyscrapers to residential, most of those years as a Project Manager in storm damage. A skilled roofer, although making a profit is still the only person that goes onto a possible storm damaged roof that is acting in the interest of the insured. A good roofer would not want to come back for the hour long adjustment if there is not damage because a good roofer is still at this point working for free. A good roofer will spend between 10 and 15 hours on a claim before it ever goes to contract. A good roofer will have experience, possibly thousands of hours on hundreds of roofs inspecting hail damage. A good roofer is by far the most experienced person you will meet throughout the claim, even more then any engineer company employee. I have seen folks get taking advantage of over and over because people like you transpire this bull *** into your neighbors ear and they decide to handle thier claim on thier own and get a check for 200.00 for hail damage, and two months later I'm putting new roofs on all of the other houses around them because the entire block is decimated included your friends. Remember that the ultimate decision is the insurance company, not the roofer. The roofer is their as a professional consultant so that everything is covered on your roof, not just what the adjuster can see.

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