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Update by user Aug 19, 2022

So I started the process of making complaints. The Contractors State License Board, BBB, FTC, California State Attorney General, California Solar & Storage Association, Campaign for Accountability.

I am 63 years old. This is something I have never done. Believe me, I would have rather spent this valuable time doing something else.If your lowest production month is 20% or less then you have a problem,. Ours is only 9.2%.

June was 1000kwh Dec. was 92kwh. This system is supposed to be under 25 year warranty.After the complaints were made and ESP was notified…my brother finally, got an email from upper management. Brad called us.

He was very nice and apologetic, He said he was reviewing notes and after talking to owner, they were prepared to cancel the contract. We were ecstatic. He would call us in a few days to go over detailsBrad called back. He said he talked to his Dream Team Lawyers who said the contract was legal and binding.

*** But he would offer to pay for one year payments on our solar, some of our PGE bills when the solar was not working, have a repairman come out, and free lifetime monitoring…no one has ever showed us how to monitor.A repairman came out…was here for 25 minutes and said the system was operating. He did not even go on the roof. My friend, a retired electrician, put his amp probe on it 3 more times after “repairman” left. It read .33amps, .22 amps, and .37 amps.Esp sent out a repairman to replace the broken inverter.

Dont know if it works yet. Even if it did work as expected now over a year later, we would want out of this contract we never signed. We have been lied to and ignored since day 1. Instead of saving us any money, this miserable ordeal has cost us greatly and the worst part is will continue to cost us greatly the rest of our lifes.

My brother has bile duct cancer,give him some peace and end this charade that paid $7200 to a unregistered salesman who lied, forged, deceived, and committed fraud So this is why we have a $30k lien on our house? This has been a complete nightmare, We don’t know much about solar. The partners…took advantage of sick, elderly, vulnerable people. (ELDER FINANCIAL ABUSE) .

And your supervisor Scott tried to tell us…”salesman doesn’t work for us…we are not responsible for what he tells you”. Excuse me…is that NOT the reason that the California State Contractors License Board requires that contracts be written only by the REGISTERED Salesman employed by the Installer or Contractor?

Update by user Jul 19, 2022

Sent in a complaint to Calif State License board yesterday. And put in a complaint to BBB online yesterday.

Original review updated by user Jul 20, 2022

My brother, Joe, and i wrote this from his perspective. We have several complaints against ESP (Energy Solar Partners)


The system does Not work at all the past several months.. In June 2022 we are charged a total of $265 for power ($120 solar & $145 PG&E)almost 3 times the amount we have paid for power pre-solar

2. We contacted ESP 54 times over the past year on their websitenothing was solvedyet they marked it solved each time.

3. The salesman was unregistered, rushing us through the process.

Bypassing quickly The Solar Disclosure notice.

5. Property is in both names (my sister and myself). The salesman came back the next day rushing me through itwhen Joanne wasnt there.

My sister, Joanne Teping and I, are co-owners of the property on 3735 Jago. No where is her name or signature on the solar contract with esp.

I would like to give my permission in writing that Joanne Teping may act on my behalf in this contract with ESP. I am not well with two serious illnesses. I am currently being treated at UCSF for bile duct cancer. This contract with ESP has caused both of us a great deal of stress.

We do not need the stress of the financial burden of a $31000 defective solar system.

In March 2021, the unregistered salesman Shameer Jalil came to our door to sell us ESP Solar panels . Unknown to us at the time that a solar salesman needs to be registered with the company he represents according the the California State License board. . My sister and I just discovered this a few days ago.

Section 7154 of the Code states: "A home improvement contractor who employs a person to sell home improvement w contracts while such person is not registered by the registrar as a home improvement salesman as provided in this article [Article 10 (commencing with section 7150) of the Contractors' State 5 License Law], is subject to disciplinary action by the registrar."

"Violations of any provisions of this chapter by a home improvement salesperson, likewise constitutes a cause for disciplinary action against the contractor, whether or not he or she had knowledge of or participated in the act or omission constituting violations of this chapter."

Shameer Jalil made his presentation that our PG&E bills would average about $10 a month if we were to use solar and install 18 panels for $80 a month (we ended up with 15 panels at $120 a month). All of this with NO MONEY DOWN!!! We were both impressed and told him to come back later and we would consider it.

Salesman Shameer came back the next day. My sister was not here.

He rushed me into signing the contract on his tablet without going over it with me. I am a 61 year old man on disability with end stage cirrhosis and bile duct cancer. I take Lactalose so my mind is not foggy. I have good days and bad days.

This particular day, I was feeling quite ill and the salesman took advantage of that.

One relevant detail is that I was dissuaded from reading the full contact, and instead was handed a tablet and pressured to sign without reading it thoroughly.

I was never shown the full document. Instead, Shmeer showed me the first two pages of the contract on a tablet, then flipped to the last page to get the my signature agreeing to the contract. I had no idea that the contract i signed consisted of more than those three pages and I was never provided with a physical copy of the contract or physical copies of the cancellation notice until later after the three day right to cancel had passed. My sister returned home later and I told her what happened.

She wasnt upset because salesman Shameer made ESP Solar sound so good but we didnt like the way he rushed me into it without giving us more time to think it over.

The installation seemed to go ok in April 2021. It was installed by two man on the groundthe other young man went on the roof to install. The total system was installed in a matter of hours.

We believe the permit was approved by the city. However, looking at the does not seem legit.

The first 5 months were acceptable but under what we expected our production would be.

Our monthly payments were not $80 as the salesman told us. They installed 15 panels for $120 a month instead of the 18 panels for $80 a month that we had discussed.. The salesman was always in such a hurry to get it done and start saving us a lot of money in reality costing us money..

The system started going bad in November 2021my sister, Joanne reached out to ESP on a total of 54 times this past year on their website. All she got was mechanical answere from "bots" telling her that a manager would be contacting us.

I would also contact them but the stress was causing my health to worsen. During all that time we were obly contacted once

Supervisor Scott called us in Jan. 2022 and told both of us over the phone that our system is working as expected. We told him it was not as expected for us per the salesman Shameer.

He said Shameer is an independent contractor. He does not work for ESP or represent our company. We are not responsible for what that salesman tells you. Wow!!!

Talk about being hit over the head. He would not even send a tech over to check it out. If your lowest production month is 20% or less then you have a problem,. Ours is only 9.2%.

June was 1000kwh Dec. was 92kwh. This system is supposed to be under 25 year warranty.

I was hospitalized in March 2022 and discovered I have bile duct cancer. During this period we ignored the solar situation because we could not take the added stress.

Joanne and I stayed in San Francisco for 12 days in June 2022.

I underwent 3 rounds of radiation. When we came home, Joanne looked over our latest PG&E bills. May 2022 was $76 this is what our bill usually is in May before solar. June 2022 was a total shock!!

our PGE was $145!!! It has NEVER been that high in June ever. Something is seriously wrong. Joanne began to contact ESP once again.

Each contact she made was marked solved in their bogus records as it had always has been. They have never showed us how to monitor the solar. When we try to monitor it with the app solar Edge and amp probe will work for just a few minutes then kick off. When we try it again a few minutes later there is no power coming from the inverter They have never physically come out to check the solar.

Only remotely.

ESP is absolutely the worst company my sister and I have ever dealt with.

We need resolution.

The panels NEED to be removed immediately and the contract ended. California needs to protect the vulnerable populations from these despicable scammers.


Monetary Loss: $31000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Energy Service Partners Cons: Deceptive company, Non working panels, Bad customer service, Misinformation, Way overpriced.

Location: Clearlake, California

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