Balto passed away 16 days after his third birthday, on August 18, 2016 from complications from cervical spinal stenosis. I do not own any kennels, I am a school teacher at a head start program for over 20 years. Balto is one of Enchanted Dreams puppies and Vicky started training him as a service dog for me and he was so good with everyone that he was also a therapy dog and even on TV, a Movie and magazines. Balto did all fun jobs and met lot's of wonderful people, but was always a dog first. We go hiking, swimming, playing in the park with my other Northern breed dog and more. Vicky loved showing him off on her Facebook page and websites. I did not make a living from him..LMAO...Most of his jobs were for charity to rescue other dog and Malamutes. Balto was born with spinal stenosis and from some of his puppy photo's you can see the start of it by his turned outward feet. no matter what anyone says on their reviews that do not know me...Balto was much loved and I did all I can for him..I spent over $8,000 in vet and therapy bills and would have done more to save his life. I met others from Enchanted malamutes that has the same issues and also Vicky blocked...I guess she doesn't want people to know the truth. I hope no one else goes through what I went through with their dog...or with Vicky. I was friends with her for the first two years I had Balto and when Balto's issues started and I was on her puppy discussion group and asked questions about his health...she decided to tell lies to get rid of us as she did with others not to have any other people find out. I also gave her money for puppy food and to adopt Marco Karma when she said she was in bad shape...Her friend told me that she used the money on alcohol and was off her meds. This is the same friend that said I was a *** so I never believed her because I really did care about Vicky. Before you write a review you should call me first and hear the truth...

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1.0 star rating 13/8/2016 Previous review No stars please, should be called Enchanted dreams Nightmare Malamutes! Backyard breeder, Sick dogs and puppies, Inbreeding. Vicky Deming does not care about her dogs only the money. She used my dog Balto's photo's because he was an actor/model but she does not say before he turned 3 years old he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and his neck is so bad that he cannot have surgery. His hips, shoulders and back leg are also bad. She blocked me from social media so I can't tell potential puppy buyers the truth. My dog Balto is very sick with this and in a lot of pain. I am trying physical therapy to help him. I love my dog and Balto's doctor said that he had this at birth but it was not noticed till now because he was showing pain and x rays and mri show this disease. Other Malamute owners from Enchanted Dreams said their dog has the same or similar and Vicky blocked them also. She also bashes me and others on social media. She also sends bad reviews to Legends Giant mals because of jealousy. Legends mals are healthy, stunning and from excellent lines. Also Legends mals are true giants. Balto is a standard and should not be more then 100 pounds as all of Vicky's mals. They are too tall and too heavy. I also was scammed by Vicky and gave her money for puppy food and for a rescue horse. She will use my dog to try to get more money for her puppies but balto is already retired from his acting career because of this horrible disease. Please do not buy from backyard breeders, puppy mills or stores, Adopt or get a puppy from a reputable breeder with healthy dogs and excellent lines. Read less

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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This dog is still alive. Luann posts pictured all the time. 2022 by the way


Lies lies and more lies. This dog, according to his handler's own fb page, is very much alive and making movie appearances.


Luann didn't write this article, nor does she even know it exists. She also is a kind woman who would never talk down on anyone, even people who talk down on her (or write fake articles about her). Balto is alive, healthy, and is loved by all of his owners.'

Also, whoever commented with Luann's contact information, it's all wrong, so nice try...and why in the world would she post her address on here?!

Not everything someone says on the internet, posts on facebook, or writes in a fake article is true...Please take this ridiculous article down.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1313373

Liar! Got You Luann! Its too late to undo what you have done


What a liar Luann Johnson is! WOW!

Here is Balto today!

4/4/17. Dead dog walking?


Baley Ild

Luann D Johnson

351 West Dr, Copiague, NY 11726



I would also like the Vet's name, phone number, address and a release of information so I could see all of this dogs records going back to 2013. Please post this information so I can call and verify this story you posted because it really makes no sense. I'm not sure I believe you about this at all


How much is Marcy Legends paying you to do this? You are not very bright as this is about to come back on you!

Luann Johnson. Phone number: (631) 626-**** Location: 351 West Dr, Copiague, NY 11726 Email: harleyonli@***.com

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1207382

More than enough!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1207382

She didn't write this article, its fake.


Balto is not dead- You're a joke. Post the bills, X-Rays, etc, make sure you post them with full information about the Vet and/or clinic so it can be backtracked and check.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1206409

There ya go! She is a liar!


Luann Johnson has a ton of aka's. what she is is a child predator.

nothing more. she thinks she's above the law and out of reach. guess what? she's not.

head start has been notified as have cps.

and the videos she has - well if i can upload the one she emailed i will. shes a nut case


Sounds more like Balto was over worked as a puppy and did not have time to develop properly. You can't work a young animal as hard as the poor guy was worked and not expect consequences.


You're a joke. Post the bills, X-Rays, etc.

make sure you post them with full information about the Vet and/or clinic so it can be backtracked and checked, you should respect the memory of the Angel who's wins YOU decided to cut. Have some dignity

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