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This is the worst company you could ever do business with they are nothing but thieves After an accident on February 11, 2023, they had my car over 2 months and at 1st I was told it would be 6 to 7 grand. Though my vehicle is fully insured the insurance company would not cover the damages But I repeat car fully insured After all Is said and done the owner Anthony the worst human being you could ever come in contact with the rudest Greediest individual you could ever meet the worst company To do business with it should be shut down At the end of the day the vehicle ended up costing $12,436 Mind you his "and when I say his I mean Anthony Quote "was 6 to 7 Thousand After 2 and a 1/2 months and getting my car on April 27, 2023, The next day when I get in my car to go to work my light indicator comes on saying tighten the fuel cap when I go to Tighten the fuel cap I find that my fuel cap was cut off I called Empire spoke to one of the employees I will not mention the employees because the employees Unfortunately work for this man, and they are just doing their job they were not rude they were actually pleasant people unfortunately they have the misfortune to work for this guy.

When I call an advice what I had discovered I was placed on hold and then told that Anthony said for me to bring in the car So he can look at it but because I cannot drive around without a fuel cap on, so my gas does not continue to evaporate I had to buy one I go on Saturday, April 29th to show What I discovered the 1st words out of Anthony's Mouth was we didn't work on this end we only worked on the front not once did he say which is what he should have said as a businessman was, not sure how this could have happened but let me make it right because I'm sure he wasn't standing watch while my car was being worked on. But no, instead he indicates that he's being lied to, I guess a crook would always assume someone else is trying to scam him. When I inform him, yet again this happened while my vehicle was under your watch, he sarcastically looks at me and says what do you want money. I replied what I wanted is for him to make it right because it happened while my vehicle was in his care He rudely asked How much did I spend On the cap which I replied $16 he rudely tells his employee to confirm my address After I told him I was not going to waste my time and go back again like he suggested coming back on Monday, so he can replace the cap mind you I had already bought one.

I'm still waiting for the reimbursement For having to replace my field cap.

But I guess a crook would prefer to keep his money. I believe God don't like ugly and this Is the ugliest human being you could ever meet, so will I recommend Auto body of Broward absolutely not The owner Anthony is a money hungry Scammer,

avoid this company at all cost.

User's recommendation: Avoid this company.

Location: Miami, Florida

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