Im pretty upset with your fitment of the empi single quiet pack muffler you say will fit the header set up I have muffler # is 3644 same muffler Im trying to replace.It does not fit it hits the appron and I cant use it engine needs to be able to move and cant with this muffler on.I called and talked to one of your tech people and you know what they said they now they dont fit and told me I would have to take it to a muffler shop and have it fixed which is wrong Im 70 years old saved up to get the money to buy this cheap muffler get it and it doesnt fit. Im an easy going person until I get taken advantage of like this.

Why do you do this to people and sleep at night. I asume your just a distri for them but why do you still sell crap like this. It doesnt look good for you lots of customers complain about Empi products on their forums I only wish I would have looked beforhand but I didnt.NNNNot a way to run a company as big as yours maybe thats why you are the way you are. Please dont take this personal I know you have to do what you are told by corp.

but they need to here this from someone who worked hard for even 70 bucks to get the right part. This was the second one I bought but you wouldnt take it back because I had installed it,I tried telling the rep that you said it would fit so I put it on it didnt fit and I was told that they were sorry and I was dumb enough to by another one not to smart huh but I put my trust in you that maybe the 2nd one would be right. I dont know what to do now no money for another one. I know its not your problem but in a way it is.

Well you probably wont even read this but I had to let you know what has happen to me and others.

Please change the way you do things.Dont forget GOD sees everything we do right or wrong. GOD BLESS

User's recommendation: Do your home work.

Location: Surprise, Arizona

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