They are owned by the same person that runs Immediate Response Restoration located in building B next door within the same vicinity. Not only do that not honor what your insurance will pay out after removing extraneous items added to the bill they will come after you for the rest!!!!! First and foremost, you will be charged for stuff that wasn't even performed, waste removal when there was nothing to remove, then charge for the day-laborers time, overcharge for protective gear, over-charge for anything they can make up,

leave fans running for more days than necessary so you pay triple for renting it out even though they don't disclose how much it will cost per day. Give the insurance one section of the bill with the wrong amount of money owed to confuse everyone involved then make you pay for their services. They leave stuff at your house for weeks and refuse to pick it up then later charge you for it which we should have binned in the dumpster.

Absolute bottom feeders and bottom of the barrel type of organization including their workers: Jerry

Munoz, Norma Gomez and everyone else associated with this feces-ridden organization.{{Redacted}}

Monetary Loss: $10.

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