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During the pandemic last year, someone from Einstein contacted me about becoming my website host. I should have been suspicious because at that time the country was under lock down and as dentists we were all wondering what would be our next step.

This person promised me SEO and the chance to dominate my state. He then said he would send me a contract to sign. I did not want to sign, but he caught me off guard when he called me one day and i mistook him for someone else and foolishly signed their contract. From day one, this company was a problem.

At the time I was with Patient POP paying only $500 per month for reviews, patient communication, patient appointment reminders, scheduling online and hosting of my website. These were all promises to me by the Einstein rrepand that I would be on the first page of google.

When they built my site i was informed that, they don't do any social media advertising, no patient reminders, no scheduling online, no and no review management. I was very upset and asked what were they offering then for so much money on a monthly basis, only to be informed that $1400 was to host my site, $1400 just to host a website on a monthly basis. I was appalled.

Not only that, but I went from a company doing everything for $500 per month to a company doing nothing for $1400 per month. Anyway, I said to myself, I am at fault in signing the contract so let me just complete the year with them. The website they built and the promise they built were not functional and on search engines I was coming up on page 10!

I kept calling Connie to find out what is going on because I was paying so much money with no progress. Month after month, week after week, I would call because I was very unhappy with my site performance.

In addition, I was spending a lot more money during a pandemic when funds was a scarce commodity. I had to hire Weave to do my patient's communication because this expensive company did not do that. This was an additional expense to my office. Then it so happen that Weave software did not want to talk with my old server so I had to go and purchase a new server, it so happen that my old office software did not work on the new server so now I had to purchase a brand-new software for my office.

In all of this Einstein did not even apologize for show any sympathy for what I was going through, they continued to collect their monthly fees while doing nothing for my office or website. It was just a plain old site sitting, occupying space and not doing anything for me or my practice. I kept calling. Brittany then called me after one day when I called Connie and was livid.

She told me OK Dr. Barbara I will help you to get to where you want your site to go if you will just sign another year's contract, I will personally ensure that you will get to where you want to, as a matter of fact I will call you every week, and we can have a meeting.

Now I've gotten frustrated because I realized that something was wrong my website was not performing. What I then did was to do a website course and get someone to evaluate my site. To my utter dismay and surprise, my site was faulty and fell far below standard.

I decided no more and proceeded to hire someone else to build and host my site. Now I would like to get my domain name, which I personally own, I purchased it from GoDaddy and Einstein is holding unto to if refusing to release it stating should sign a release saying I will end the relationship amicably and that I owe them $35,000.

Now tell me, who owes $35,000 for a non-functional and poorly optimized website. I have been doing some research and I have discovered that not only are they holding unto my site , but they have transferred my domain name to a host site without my knowledge and permission, so I cannot even access my domain name.

Be aware of this Website hosting company, they under perform, is over priced and is crooked.


User's recommendation: Stay away from the.

Monetary Loss: $6573.

Preferred solution: Release of my domain name and cancellation of debt they say i owe.

Einstein Medical Com Pros: Eye catching website.

Einstein Medical Com Cons: Overpriced and unethical practices.

Location: 6675 Mesa Ridge Road, San Diego, CA 92121

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