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Please consider this Inventors....According to a quote in Ruters, "We're really greasing the rails.

We're making it easier for those great ideas to finally get in the hands of companies," said Foreman, CEO and co-founder of Edison Nation, a search service that matches retailers' product requests with inventions.

Edision Nation, owned by Louis Foreman is sending out emails, I got one, to their insiders and publishing on the internet the 25 million Dollar innovation fund. Just read it, it sounds great, WRONG! BEWARE! Edison Nation are preying on the uninformed inventor and asking for idea submissions for the low fee of $25 per idea.

If the "Select" their idea, because they have a Magic Mirror for predicting success, Edison Nation may invest 250k to develop it. Here is where you need to see the BS in this contest. First if all your $25 will go into the Edision Nation Pocketbook. Second, how can Edison Nation possibly evaluate an idea for $25.

Third You should be concerned that others may submit the same idea as you and Edison Nation may overlook your idea. Face it we invenotrs are mostly improving the products that exist in the marketplace so do you really think they will do their homework? I don't. Edison Nation is hoping you say what most people will, its only $25 so what the *** it better than spending thousands.

For every thousand people who feel this way, Edison Nation will receive $25,000. Essentially you are buying a $25 dollar lottery ticket, oh and by the way the lottery is a money making machine too. I don't doubt you will here Edison Nation is going to invest in a few of these $25 dollar ideas, they will have to to keep up this scam. I expected much more from the company who sends me emails on a regular basis.

This one made my stomach sick, now I question the integrity of Edison Nation.

I'm not buying it, especially from a guy who ownes an invention promotion company, a magazine, a TV show.Its all about making money and this is just another way to take invenotrs money.

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I see the $25 as discouraging morons from sitting in their Mom's basement and submitting 50 useless ideas every day.


Edison Nation can only be described with a four letter word: FRAUD oh, wait a minute, This other four letter word perhaps fits them best: SCAM

Yanni Rock
to Joemomma #824512

Um, check your letter count on the word "fraud" there, genius. What a "looser".

to Yanni Rock New Britain, Connecticut, United States #828122

Learn how to spell Einstein!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #725174

Yes this sure does seem like a scam I submitted 2 inventions.The first one was wanted by people all over the world with one potential order of 350,000 units after seeing the prototype and is also wanted by two big box stores by showing it at the housewares show.

I have been working on this for 5 years . I did not send them the specs until I passed the IP I them sent out specs/design on a Saturday afternoon and on Monday morning got a red x on research and development . I would like to know how that is possible when did they have time for research or development? I believe they have no feelings and can devastate anyone for their own benefit.

There are many other places this product was needed and people have been waiting for me to find manufacturing for a long time. I cannot find a reputable manufacturer.

I have been through only two but am afraid to try again and that is why I went to EN.Please be very careful in dealing with these people and we need to get the government involved something is very wrong!


I am a member there.I would not call them a scam.

If they ever stole my idea I WILL sue and/or will go on every media on God's green earth to warn others. The one thing I can say about them is, don't go in thinking your idea is great and this is it, they will choose it. I have NO idea what they're looking for. You'll submit a great idea and it never makes it to level 4.

And they don't offer feedback unless it made it to Level 7. I really hope they change that (becuz if they did I wouldn't be here writing why I'm confused mine didn't make it; their explanation would've made me understand). And it is true, 1 in every thousand or few thousand gets their idea chosen. You have a very slim chance.

IMO they also don't seem to like to take on anything too expensive to make. I submitted an awesome idea to the Innovation fund, and did so because the IF said it will invest about $250,000 to develop, market, etc the idea.

I felt my idea needed more money than a $4 limit of the cost to make a product for the ASOTV market.I still did not make it :( I will keep trucking on but as I said I've not seen anything scam-like with them, I do feel that they are too narrow minded in what they/and the companies are looking for.


I totally agree with "Just my opinion 2". I also think that 20/20 or 48 Hours should look into doing an investagative story regarding this company and others like it!!!


Question for TrillionaireNTheMaking (and whoever else was scammed by EN. I feel very sorry for those that got ripped off by EN. But why don't you have any recourse if your idea was stolen?


As I read reviews online about Edison Nation, I came across a few that read almost verbatim to my experience with this company!I submitted an idea to them and it made it to the 3rd tier only to stop there.

I thought ok, that's fine but THEN less than one year, I saw an advertisement for my same idea - right down the EXACT illustration mock ups, ad-copy and other information that I submitted directly to Edison Nation! I was floored and angry and hurt all at once. I contacted EN and they, of course, gave me the standard Plausible Den. rhetoric; however, both I and God know what transpired there.

The problem may or may not be at the top levels of the company, but somewhere within their system they are flawed because someone within their company 'leaked' my idea (or just outright sold it) to another company for profit. I received nothing but broken dreams. Thank God I am not a quitter but DO NOT SEND YOUR IDEAS TO THIS COMPANY.

This is the inventor's greatest nightmare.:roll

Edisonnation Stole My Inventio

I 'fell for it' once too and threw away $30 of good, hard-earned money.What I got in return?

Less than one year later, my exact idea (right down to the mock up, design illustrations and ad-copy which I submitted to them along with my 'contest' submission. They, of course, gave the standard plausible Den. rhetoric but I and God knows what transpired.

Someone within their company is not so honorable.Find another way fellow inventors.

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