Went to Francis Oon with a painful knee after 2 treatments Im back on my feet thank you Francis you are a true Genius keep up your excellent service

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Dr Francis and Robert Oon have been a father and son acupuncture practice for over 30years experience and I only trust experienced practitioners like them for my treatment


Peter Clark. I could not be happier with the treatment from Dr Francis Oon for all my aches and pains and I agree that they have a lot of experience in Acupuncture health and pain management.


I also enjoy my treatments with Dr Francis Oon to be very successful


I also had a bad knee and I went to see Francis. He, after 5 treatments did nothing at all for my knee.

To call Francis a genius is a sad joke. All he cares about is money. Put your name to it buddy.

And hey... Read all the negative reviews which are true.

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