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I was suffering from a severe massive back injury which was confirmed when I went to get an MRI. I spoke to Francis Oon of Eastern Acupuncture Clinic Magill who informed me I should come in for an appointment.

Without even wanting to look at my X-Rays he suggested he “crack my back” for me. I categorically refused his instructions. I could also smell very strong alcohol on his breath. I decided to refuse his treatment immediately and left.

I then after extensive research found a decent acupuncturist and informed him of Francis Oon offering to crack my back and what he thought of this after reading my MRI report. He informed me very strongly that the severity of my back/spinal problem would have resulted in permanent paralysis if I accepted Francis’ offer to crack my back. I was in complete shock that people like Francis Oon can do what they do without any repercussions.

I have also heard other very troubling accounts from other patients of Francis Oon. I strongly do not recommend Eastern Acupuncture Clinic or Francis Oon for that matter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Magill, South Australia

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Francis is the best he gets you back up on your feet in 2 visits keep up the great work Francis


I have visited Francis on a number of occasions over the years with sports injuries for hamstring caused by lower back. Always found Francis to be polite, friendly and professional but most importantly have had better results seeing Francis as opposed to going to physio or chiro.

Have recommended Francis to many friends who have also had great results with his treatments. Have no problems putting my name to my comments so thanks for years of great service Francis, yours sincerely, Ricky Simpson


I too have great results with Dr Francis Oon for all my needs


I have had great results with Acupuncture treatment for my neck and back from Dr Oon and I strongly recommend his treatment to others who suffer from pain.


I have had excellent service from Both Dr Francis and Robert Oon . My severe back issues have been dealt with quickly and painlessly on at least 3 occasions over 20 years. I could not recommend them more highly.


I have also had many treatments over the years with Dr Francis Oon and his father Robert Oon with very pleasing results when no other practitioners have been able to help me.


I too had good results with Dr Francis Oon for my neck and back


anonymous you are pathetic you haven't got the guts to put your name to your comments your a wimp


My comment has absolutely nothing to do with BEING IN AN UNHAPPY MOOD. I am simply pointing out my bad experience at. Eastern acupuncture clinic for the good of the community


I have been to Eastern Accupunture for my sports injuries and general health for long period of time over the years. Francis Oon is one of my most trusted practitioners.

He has done so much for me that physio and doctors couldn't do. I have lived it and am not in the habit of lying. It has never been a money grab, quite the opposite. I class him as exceptional.

I would not have achieved what I have over the last 10 years without his treatment. He is a practitioner that has earn't my respect and trust in the medical field. I am a long term patient that calls on his help from time to time when needed. I go there to be fixed !

that's what happens.

Over the years I have never smelt alcohol on his breath that is just ridiculous. I highly recommend him .


Congratulations for not noticing alcohol on his breath.you must be so naive.Do you think alcoholics anonomous where Francis has attended for YEARS noticed the alcohol on his breath genius!So many patients have noticed too but its OK to be naive as you are Sharon ha


My name is Mary and I went to see Francis about 5 months ago.I noticed he had very bad breath,old equipment and carpet which I found quite unhygeinic.I went there with back pain and left with worse back pain .I then went to another physician and am slowly improving.


I also have had good results over the many years of treatment with Dr Francis Oon and I strongly recommend their acupuncture practice to every one


I have also had great results and good experience with both Dr Francis and Dr Robert Oon in my life time


I too have benefited from enormous relief from aches and pains with Dr Francis Oon


Were you refered to Dr Oon after your MRI scan by your GP and specialist?


Yes I was at the house auction of your in-laws "GREAT WIFE" she made it clear she married you for money while you sat there and did not respond like the BIG MAN you are Francis.No I was not referred to Francis as he cracked my back "for cash" after hours because he's a good man pays "tax" to the government .Yes I am working as I worked for you for free for 30 years,teaching you all your practical knowledge ,saving you over 10000 dollars over 30 years.Do the maths while you have never helped anyone without payment.Our friendship was fine till "YOU destroyed it with your actions.The fact you can't see that shows you severe lack of morals but hey you never had morals or principles.Francis ,the car magazine has been made aware as so has ALAN who are disgusted with you.You have always and will be always MADE of LIES.you need to mentally treat yourself as you have not ,it reflects why your a moral and professional FAILURE inYOUR LIFE.


you really have problems buddy. this is not a review, its a personal attack. I am surprised you haven't been sued.


Some people get drunk, brooding about the past, on a Sunday arvo (I know who that is). Look bud, if he sues, I counter-sue.

My evidence is strong and true, there are also lie detecters these days. Happy also to go to the media with witnesses also. You should think twice before posting comments on a Sunday afternoon, during your alcoholically-infused, disillusioned truth-turning, denialistic brooding sessions. Thanks for the heads up!

As I said, he who sues can be counter-sued. You have cracked my back many times over 30 years, and you know it. I have ample evidence if this happens, but if you try to sue I will take it further than what you even dream possible. I have an extremely clear conscience, as I'm honest and tell the truth.

I will no longer reply to any more of your denialistic stupidity. What you've done is not how real men behave, learn how to own your own actions. You have blamed others for your actions all your life. If you want to brood further, call or SMS me.

You know my phone number bud. Good luck.


Omg this so bizaar reading this review as I am a practitioner and have refered many patients to Dr Francis Oon with great confidence and evey time he has been able to help them with their conditions. This review sounds out of context to the Dr. Francis Oon I know?

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