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I'm asking you to please show us your paying customers the courtesy of removing the constantly displayed advertisement for your "House of Villians" show/product from the screen or any others (see attached photo). Since we have to pay to view your programming I believe we have a right to see it WITHOUT being visually harassed by the advertising also since you accept our payment you have a responsibility and obligation to provide us a quality viewing experience.

You are failing in this with the displayed advertisement and in the past with comments about "Movies We Love" displays. These things infer with the viewing experience and are annoying. For now I am boycotting the E! channel and advertisers.

NBC this applies to you as well, allow your paying customers to watch WITHOUT advertising interference while show or movie is airing.

Save it for commercial breaks where it belongs. If others feel the same way about all these networks interfering with the shows by advertising, things like Disney movies at the theater, while movie/show on air contact them and complain.

User's recommendation: Contact the networks which show such a lack of courtesy to us their customers/viewers. It will take continues messages to networks to get them to stop interfering with our viewing.

Location: Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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That is just the way it is. It bothers about 1% of the people.

They will accept if you cancel. You are not important enough for them to change,

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Just because that's the way it is doesn't mean it should be that way. That's just the way it was with all the telemarking phone calls we used to get?

Just like when the sound was increased going from show to commercial? Well those were changed, no more constant calls, no more volume increases. These networks advertising during payed for viewing time can and should be changed. Currently 30-36% of our viewing time contains commercial break advertising should we have 100% containing advertising?

Plus they are advertising the same information during the commercial breaks. Would you say "Thats just the way it is" if your movie theater did it ("Hot popcorn, cold sodas at snack") or other payed for sources like Netflix, Showtime, Cinemax and others displaying ads on screen? It bothers about 1% says who, we don't know how many, it maybe quite a lot more.

You are right if one lone person drops cable it won't bother them but it's been more than one and it continues. Why risk even losing one, then the next one, then the next one?

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