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Update by user May 01, 2022

Duly Doctors seek money hungry. If there new focus is Medication, medication and you need a phychologist because of everyday stress.

Your pain is fibromyalgia cause we don’t know why. It’s ridiculous. I’m done with it visits are 10min. The doctors don’t listen and they are too judge mental.

Especially Conti mica. He owes me an apology for getting my face and storming out the room. Because o said no one listens when a black woman is in pain. Then she end up dying.

No where did I say he was racist. He took it that way and got offended.

He was very unprofessional jumping up in my face and telling me he was engaged to a black woman. I was really afraid!!

Update by user May 01, 2022

Dr. Conti Mica was very hostile..showed now compassion and doesn’t like people who are not in shape.

He don’t think I heard him the first time I visited him after a car accident say i was weight bearing. *** he didn’t even remember the 2nd time. Thought I wanted surgery. The doctors at duly don’t allow to speak they are in a rush.

Everything is rushed. I will be taking my healthcare elsewhere.

Original review posted by user May 01, 2022

If the doctors at duly know youre in pain the first diagnosis is fibromyalgia then all the other doctors blame your pain for fibromyalgia. Dr.

Conti Mica got up in my face I felt threatened all because I told him. Black women have to be proactive for their healthcare. He took it as me calling him racist.

I wasnt then he got up in my face told me he was engaged to a black woman. Like I care and Im in pain daily!

User's recommendation: Find somewhere emse.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Duly Health and Care Cons: Visits too short.

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