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Not sure if this is going to be addressed, since I've asked that a Sr. Manager call me to discuss the nightmare that this one order has become, but at least I will feel as if I have exhausted my resources.

On 10/2/14 I placed an order (DBW1839173) with Dress Barn online, for the simple reason that the store that I frequent did not have the items that I was looking for. BEFORE placing the order, I contacted customer service and asked if I would receive my order by 10/10 since I was leaving for a business trip and I was assured that the warehouse would ship within the next day ... WAY before it was scheduled to close. I place the order and ask to have it shipped to the store (#2824), since I was going to be in that area for the weekend.

On Friday 10/10, I contacted the store and asked if my shipment had arrived - obviously was told that it had not. I contact customer service and ask where the order was and was told by Lauren that it will arrive on 10/13. I explained to Lauren that on 10/12 I was leaving for a business trip out of the country and I needed these clothes for this trip. She proceeded to have another order overnighted to my house for Saturday delivery - it wasn't the whole order, but at least it was something. I then asked her to inform the store that my original order should be opened and the brown skirt held for me, with the remaining 2 items either sent back to the warehouse or put in their inventory. I receive an email from Dress Barn stating that my order was ready to ship FED EX OVERNIGHT STANDARD (order DB24680). I ask Lauren (who was amazingly helpful) to transfer me to her manager as I want to give her the much deserved accolades. I get Britt's voicemail... I ask her to call me back as I wanted to speak with her about my order and about Lauren. No response... crickets!!!!

I get an email on FRIDAY NIGHT that my original order shipped "ground standard" and will be sent to the store. *SIGH* - I'll never see these clothes!

Saturday 10/11 -No order, nothing on my doorstep! *Sigh* On the bright side my trip is postponed to Wednesday night.

Sunday 10/12 - I call the call center and explain my plight to Michelle (I think it was her) who tries to find the clothes that I need so that I can pick them up, she finds the pants in a store in Brooklyn (Kings Highway), which is not a problem as my sister lives in Brooklyn. I ask that the store is contacted and the pants are held in my sister's name NANCY and that she NOT be charged for the pants. "No problem" I am told - I ask my sister to go to the store to pickup the pants... when she gets there she is told that they cannot release the clothes unless they are paid for! *AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH*

Monday 10/13 - I get an email telling me that my 2nd order has been cancelled... WTF? My first order should be at the store. Well store 2824 is 130 miles away from me (I have an apartment in Manhattan for work). Around 9:00 AM I FINALLY get a call from Britt (claims she is a manager) and proceeds to tell me that she was very busy calling other customers back who had my same problem with the warehouse... I guess I was last on the list - I explain my dissatisfaction with Dress Barn and while I may have been rambling (I felt that I was entitled since it had already been 11 days since I placed my order) Britt is extremely condescending... telling me that she gave me the courtesy of hearing me talk, and that I should extend her the same courtesy - really!?!?! She also tells me that she is going to send me a gift card for my trouble - WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES? You are sending me a $50 gift card so that I can walk into your store and buy more things (I never spend less than $200 in your store) I tell her that I hope that the same chimps that run the warehouse aren't the ones sending out the gift cards...!

Still Monday - I call the call center (yet again) and explain that the UPS tracking number that Dress Barn sent me is not a valid number.... where is my order. Amy tells me that it was sent FedEx... so why did I get a UPS email with a tracking number?... she doesn't know. This has now become a very bad Abbott and Costello routine. Amy calls the store and tells them to OVERNIGHT my package to my NYC address. Bonnie (the store manager) calls me and asks if I want the package overnighted to me. YES!!! please send it. I need it by Wednesday. She sends it out, I get the package that same day - calls me and gives me a tracking number. I'll have it by Tuesday. FINALLY - the long awaited order.

Tuesday night Amy calls me back (yes my friends, there is someone at Dress Barn who cares for her customers), I tell her that I did indeed get this package... The clothes are all in the wrong size!

I look around for Ashton Kutcher as I feel as if I am getting "punked"... where are those cameras????

Now here I am sitting in the lounge at the airport, composing this email when I know that this too will fall on deaf ears (or blind eyes!). At least I can copy and paste this in the review page that you want me to fill out about my recent experience with Dress Barn. I finally realize why this store is called dress BARN - because you hire chimps to run your warehouse, your managers treat customers like animals... and you expect US - the paying customer to be thankful that you deigned us to enter your BARN.

I love the store in the Crossings Outlets in the Pocono's and I encourage you to take a trip there to see how Bonnie, and Pat treat customers. They are the most amazing sales reps that you have. I can confidently go to the store and try on clothes and ask for their opinion... and they will tell me if something is flattering or not. I just wish that your managers could take a few lessons from these ladies, as they know how to treat customers.

In the hopes to hear back from you - but I know I won't.... I extend my warmest regards,

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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