Every Month since May I've been making a monthly payment online on DressBarn website. They gave you two options when making the payment (1) pay same day for a fee of $10.00 or pay standard payment on or after a certain date for free.

So I chosed the standard payment. The monthly statement shows that they charged a $25.00 late fee for the standard payment so my $30.00 monthly payment for about seven months went straight to late fees.

So an initial balance of $243.00 is still $243.00 after 7 monthly payments. Thank you

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Ashburn, Virginia, United States #995277

You can just go into a store and pay it for free. Just saying.

Or mail it in for a .46 stamp (or whatever stamps are up to now). Automated stuff always costs more because it's easier and they can get away with it.

The APR is so high that if you only pay your minimum payment, your balance is still going to stay the same every month. Just pay it in the store or mail it on time and you won't have a problem.


By the way, the charge for paying by phone on your Dress Barn card is now up to $15 instead of the previous $10. At that rate, for five minutes of a clerk's time, the hourly pay amounts to $180. Hmmm


The Dress Barn Store itself is a great place to shop. But the credit they are using is the BIGGEST RIPOFF ever.

Those people lie all the time. They never send you a bill, but forsing you to pay for what ever you are not sure. There's no chance to see your balance, they would never ever send any duplicate bill if you ask them, (they promise to send, but never will).

And then they will tell you if you wouldn't pay, they'll get you to the collection agency. They are BIGGEST IDIOTS EVER.

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