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Signed the contract, had questions prior to our design center appt. Received answers. Went to Design Center, prices were nowhere close to what we were given. BAIT AND SWITCH. We asked how much to have wood stairs from 1st to 2nd floor, we were told "ballpark $1500" only to find out, at the Design Center that it would cost $6500. Oh and you get a garbage disposal but they charge your an additional $270 to put the switch in. Standard and Level 2 and 3 material at design center sucked and they didn't have the colors that we wanted. The high end, level 6,7 material, which is very expensive, is the same that you can find at Floor and Decor or Home Depot for much cheaper.

Wrote a nice and friendly letter to the Sales Mgr about our experience. She was nice and said they would do what they can to improve the communication. 4 days later, the Sales Agent asked us if we wanted a WATER SOFTENER in our home ($850). We said we needed to do some research as we didn't know much about them. Came to find out that it wasn't a Water Softener for $850 but a HOOK UP for the SOFTENER. Again, poor communication.

We contacted the Sales Mgr and explained that this was another example of the frustration we had over lack of communication and that this is another example to use to help improve their communication to new builders and home buyers..........their reply..........

"I appreciate your comments below; there seems to be a continuing miscommunication happening which is not good for you as a customer or for us as your builder. It’s very disturbing to me that you are having such a loss of confidence this early on in the process, given _______ exceptional record of referrals and customer satisfaction over the last 25 years; consistently and over the entire company. We appreciate you giving us the consideration of building your home but it doesn’t seem to be a match in terms of our delivery or your expectations.

Forthwith, we will be sending you a termination of contract to sign at which time your earnest monies will be returned in full."

So, for those that don't understand this....WE SIGNED A CONTRACT. WE DID NOT BREACH THAT CONTRACT, THEREFORE THEY CANNOT TERMINATE OUR CONTRACT just because we provided feedback that they didn't like to hear!

Who would want to work with a builder like this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Drees Homes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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I am considering purchasing/building a Drees Home in the Hollows. Can I reach out to you?


I was confused too. How come the buyer lost $35K while builder give their money back in full?


Reviewer has a valid complaint, but I do not understand how the purchaser lost money if Drees returned all money "in full"

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