Oak Grove, South Carolina
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We recently had a home built by Drees Homes. Here are just a few issues we had with the home:

1. Six times to get the front brick/stone correct. Workmanship was unlevel, inconsistent and just basically wrong.

2. Toilet not placed where it was supposed to be placed per drawing.

3. Wood floors were uncovered for two months while they painted. Paint splatter all over the floors, quartz countertops, bathrooms countertops, tub, shower, been in the house three weeks and I am still cleaning up the specks of paint.

4. No control over when their sub-contractors would show up to do a job. Got phone calls every Tuesday with what was going to be happening during the week and rarely items ever started or completed on the timeline. Workmanship on every part of the house was poor.

5. Sink attached the bathroom wall was sitting unlevel, came back to fix it, but didn't repair the wall where they damaged it. Workers came in with their big wrenches and tools, didn't put down a drop cloth and scratched the floor.

6. Patios that were poured at the front and back of the house were supposed to be exposed aggregate. Showed up after it was poured and the patios had sunk in areas and when you walked on it, it made a crunching noise. We were told that they would try to repair it but there was no way it could be repaired, bottom line, they said the cement mixture was too wet, so they had to jackhammer the back patio and the front patio. The damage from the jackhammering was unbelievable, the steps to the front of the house were damaged and the brick around the entire back patio was destroyed. New brick had to be put down after they poured the second patio.

6. We were asked to fill out a survey at closing and we scored them a 1...would have given them a zero, but it wasn't an option. They were furious. They asked us to reconsider. We would never recommend anyone purchase a Drees Home.

7. Now we are in the house and the dishwasher started leaking. Warranty department has a plumbing company, 2 guys came out, neither understood or spoke English They were able to fix the dishwasher but the communication was difficult to say the least. The toilet was "running" constantly in the master bedroom, I tried to explain to them what it was doing but they did not understand. They called their supervisor who spoke English and I had to explain to him what was wrong with the toilet but he said he didn't know how to explain to the guys what needed to be done. They sent out someone else to fix the toilet, told me it was fixed, last night the toilet started running again. No confidence in the warranty department of Drees so what is the sense of warranties when the companies they hire to do the work aren't educated enough.

Product or Service Mentioned: Drees Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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