Firstly i have contacted you but i haven't received a telephone call.

Secondly all our family live Drayton Manor and have been visiting the park for years. We have had family weddings with you.

My older son brought his family from Hampshire to stay in your hotel. I have saved our Tesco vouchers for over 2 years to visit D M. I had approximately 217 pounds in vouchers and paid an extra 52 pounds for our son. I am disabled and when we came before we had wristbands so we didnt have to queue for too long.

I was told this wasnt available now. We tried hard to get the 3 grandsons 4, 9 and 10 on several rides but the queues were over an hour. The little one wanted to go on the submarine ride but we queued for an hour he needed to go to the loo and we lost our place. The older grandcgildren were desperate to go on the log flume.

They queued fir an hour and were told they needed an adult. My son was queuing with the 4 year old, my husband was ordering food and i couldnt manage it. Then my husband left the food queue but they too lost their place. They queued but never made it to the front of the queue.

My husband went back in the food queue but there were no tables and chairs vacant. My grandsons were playing on the adventure playground by the food. It was packed. All of a sudden i saw our 10 year old get knocked off the playground and land on his back.

There was no one to help me. Hes a rugby player for his school but this took the wind out of his sails. In total the boys only got on 2 rides each. This was the highlight of our summer holidays.

I hope to go again but when you are in your 70s you dont know. I would like free return tickets for the 6 of us.

Some people had white pieces of paper which meant they didnt have to queue. They werent disabled. I didnt expect to go on anything.

We came home in 2 separate cards all very subdued instead of being elated. Please do not shatter my grandsons dreams of Drayton Manor and please reply. I dont know when i can have the Hampshire grandchildren again so please dont date our return tickets. Thank you.

Diane Taylor

Lots of people spoke to us saying how disappointed they were with the queues.

D.M. isn't for everyone, it's only for young fit people.

Location: Walsall, Walsall

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