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After sizing me up as a viable mark---- he shucked me

He left me in the lurch--- HE USED ME---I feel--USED AND DISCARDED--like a tampon!


Dr. Zietz Family Dentistry and Orthodontics is the name of Fred e Zietz' fake business. The scam he "works" uses dentistry as a cover story to mask his actual(illegal operation). Dr. Fred E Zietz uses shills to bring in"patients" on a massive scale. Meanwhile he also acts as a shill to lure in as many "patients" as he can. First he sizes up the "patients" to see if they are viable for being sued' If they seem viable to Dr Zietz, He does a little "work" on them simply to produce an outstanding a bill Next he takes this outstanding bill to small claims court and gets a judgement against them promptly turning the hapless "patient" over to The Collection Agency The idea being to sell the bill to The Collection Agency. Unquestioned by the Dental Examining Board. He gets judgements against the patients. Garnishees their wages. Turn the bills over or to the collection agency for a percentage of the bill As these patients are being sued and have judgements on them. The Collection Agency tries to collect them same money from them . Dr Zietz is not concerned in the least. Unfairly making their credit rating bad. "A Complete Fraud&quot

Review about: Laughing Gas.

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Seasoned Dentist
Topeka, Kansas, United States #974115
The photo is of a tooth with a cracked root and infection. What is this supposed to prove? You don't expect us to believe Dr. Zietz did this?
Dr. Fred Filled my Cavity
This is SPAM- they post fake things and ask for payments to remove them. Seems odd but harrassment is ok online.
Dr. Fred Drilled my cavity
Fred Zietz called the police on me twice now and I still have not been charged, just harrased. Yelp.com is a useless advertising website that only lets pro-zietz lies onto its website. I am making complaints to the authorities and post reviews about them too.
Madison, Wisconsin, United States #712157
This is Kara Zietz. I have not posted on this site or any other site, for that matter, other than the 2 comments made on Yelp that I promptly removed after receiving your message that " I had too many last names" (Batker - maiden and Gonzales - previous marriage) indicating to me that you are a cyber nut... I find it very hard to believe that you have sincere, professional issues with Fred. You remove the validity when you are posting things about me and using my name to post comments to this and other sites. If you are having a problem with Fred, call him. If you are having a problem with me, my number is 824-9499. I'm an open book.

"Cheap, blonde, gold digger". I am blessed. Fred has afforded me the luxury of being able to give my time and undivided attention to the people I love most in this world. I am grateful for that and so much more. He is, quite simply, the best person I know. He is an amazing husband and friend. He is smart, funny, and kind. He's the dad that is coaching little league, reading to his kids, and teaching algebra. He's the dentist that goes into work at 2:00 am when a father calls with a crying 5 year old, not knowing what to do because "his dentist" won't return his calls. When the day comes that Fred doesn't want to be a dentist, doesn't want to deal with Badgercare , donated dental services, and missions, I will still be there, by his side, the luckiest girl in the world.

In the last 8 years I've learned a lot about
... Show more
to Karazietz Stevens Point, Wisconsin, United States #713580
He leaves home at 2 A.M. for a child's dental emergency?
The tooth fairy couldn't handle it?
Sounds more like an all night poker game or a drug deal.
to KZBruce Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, United States #1044029
KZBruce, you're an ***. I called Fred for a late night emergency for my daughter and he came into the office and dealt with it.
Patrick Henry the 2th
Grafton, Wisconsin, United States #709010
I quit. If Dr. Zitz wants to pull out his beard for the rest of his life and find a new career washing cars or just sitting there 40 hours a month in his apartment making $6185.00 then that is fine with me. He should contact nainamarie at that website and give them his bank's routing number and checking account number so all that free cash can be directly deposited. He will need a job of some kind as he is certainly unqualified and not certifiable as a dentist.
Why would a dentist (other than the crook himself), comment on Dr. Zietz' work and defend him? This is Dr. Zietz posting from an I.P. address at his home in Verona WI. I don't need to lie, his records speak volumes.
A dentist
Madison, Wisconsin, United States #695709
This is a dentist response. This tooth was probably not repaired in time. This person who will not reveal his name probably never returned and now shows a picture of it...not sure why as it is just gross and is a problem he should have taken care of. Maybe you could get help at Mission of Mercy...did they agree to help? Too bad he never called a doctor. I know we always try to help and we have no blemishes on our record...do you want to post your record or name?
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, United States #694114
I sometimes dont finish my dental work and sometimes bounce around for cheaper work if I can. I like to give some grief! Nice picture- gross? Ha!

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