So you have bought the Dr wellness hot tub , or one of the many of brand name hot tubs manufactured by LPI well, I have some bad information for you. First off, they advertise 6 horsepower motors, they are not they are four horsepower motors!

I actually called them out on this big time and had one of their regional guys get real nervous and supposedly just today they are going to change their advertising to reflect that they are only four horsepower. Now they may give you the runaround and try to confuse you with something that's called brake horsepower, I called them out on that it's BS and now they know it it's simple 5th grade math you take the voltage times the amperage and it gives you the wattage, you do the math for that and their motors come out to 3.89 horsepower. I want to the manufacturers website of the motor that they put in their hot tubs and they state that they are four horsepower. This company will tell you that there's no such thing as anything bigger than a four horsepower but I had sent them websites showing that actually there is a five-horsepower motor that is two speeds.

Right now I am in the middle of trying to negotiate a compensation for this lie that they are selling people. They are taking this kind of seriously but as of yet so far in the Arizona area you need to contact Brian Elmore. Although trying to get him to call you back we'll be near to impossible as what was actually stated to me when I called up the corporate headquarters in Tennessee. I also have an issue with the Bluetooth on the G7 model DR wellness.

This hot tub was manufactured July 20th of 2021. After a conversation with a technician it's pretty much been stated that the Bluetooth is garbage! The Bluetooth receiver is in the bass speaker and the range is anywhere between 3 to 5 ft. When I was told this, I was like you have to be kidding me right!

Also had issues with not receiving the headrest for this hot tub. I just want to let everybody know that when you bought any hot tub from LPI hot tubs whether it be Dr wellness, or aqua living spas or any of the other names they go by you are being ripped off because they are telling you you are getting a six horsepower motor when in all actuality you bought a four horsepower motor. For my understanding they are going to be changing their literature because they happen to run into an electrical engineer, myself, that has discovered this. I urge everyone who bought one of these hot tubs not necessarily Dr wellness but from this company, to actually call, you'll have to wait in line a little bit, but complain that the hot tub you purchased did not come with six horsepower motors and that you want to be compensated for it like I have been.

If you want a cheap hot tub, then buy something from lpi, Dr wellness, aqua living spas, and whatever other names that they are going under.

I have documentation for proof of all this but unfortunately I cannot upload it. Let's help everybody out and make sure any of the new customers don't get scammed on their purchase and please by all means, put a call into the manufacturer and complain about your motor, you just might be compensated like me to the tune of $1,500

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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